Life is busy! I keep hearing how we “have to stop glorifying busy,” but it’s just a fact of life. Unless you move into a cabin in the woods and work all day to catch/grow food to eat and trade for what you need, you’ll have times where you feel overwhelmed by how busy life is.

I’m always looking for ways to streamline my life to make it a little simpler. I talked about how I make my life run smoother as a working mom in a previous post, but I figured I would share five more things I do/am doing to streamline things even more.

Never let the gas gauge go lower than a quarter

I commute about 35 minutes in to work each day and there is nothing worse than loading up in the car and realizing I now need gas. Typically, I have my morning timed down to minutes and often don’t have time to fill up in the morning. But driving with the gas light on is so stressful too!

I’ve started making sure that I never let the gauge go lower than a quarter tank. I often like to hit the gas station on the way back from work when TyTy is napping in his seat.

Don’t be caught off guard with an empty tank!

One Costco run a month

I know a lot of people love Costco. It had great deals, but you typically have to go into the store to find them. I HATE Costco! It’s always crowded, you never know where to find items and if they’re going to have exactly what you want, and the lines are always crazy long. That said, Costco is a must for formula, diapers, and wipes! I’ve done the cost comparison everywhere and we save so much by getting baby supplies at Costco.

I’ve started keeping the stress of shopping there to a minimum by shopping only once a month. Luckily, baby supplies are non-perishable so I can buy a month’s worth of everything we need and not go back!

Online grocery shopping for the win

Along the lines of groceries, I hate grocery shopping so bad! I think it’s because it’s a necessary chore and I can’t put it off until I feel like it. This is where Superstore Click n’ Collect has saved the day!

On those busy days I can’t be bothered, I’ll order online, drive up, load up the car and go.

Sometimes there’s just no time for this!

Automatic Pet Feeder

Anyone else fight with their spouse over feeding their dogs? Mornings are so hectic as I try to get myself and TyTy ready for the day that I’ve made feeding the dogs Ryan’s morning chore. But sometimes he forgets and if he doesn’t catch me before I’m out the door, the poor boys have to wait until we get home.

This is why I’m stoked that I just ordered a Petsafe®️ Healthy Pet Simply Feed™ Programmable Digital Pet FeederF to take this one task off our to-do list.

This awesome feeder lets you quickly setup preset meal portions dispensed twice a day. If you have a fat or old dog, you can customize your feeding schedule for up to 12 meals each day.  It has a 5,678 ml (24-cup) capacity hopper so you don’t have to refill too often. It provides a consistent, portion-controlled feeding routine for a healthier, happier pet!

And in my case, it will take one more thing off the daily to-do list.

Toss/store any clothes that don’t fit

I was banishing clutter long before Maria Kondo made it cool. I can’t stand having clothes in my closet or dresser that I don’t wear. During the last year, my size has fluctuated with pregnancy. I kept a box in the closet for ‘skinny’ clothes and the minute I tried something on that didn’t fit, I tossed it in the box. Now, that I’m losing the baby weight, there’s a new box labelled ‘maternity’ clothes and as I put on something that’s too big, I quickly toss it in the box.

I HATE wasting time in the mornings and this system means I am not wasting getting dressed putting on clothes that don’t fit properly.

I love finding tricks to make life a little easier. What are some things you do to streamline your life?

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