Well, our mild winter is almost over! It was nice while it lasted and cold and snow is part of Canadian living, so I say bring it on!

That said, I made sure to take advantage of the nice weather and I braved wind to get outside on my runs and enjoy the mild weather.

I’m still in the easy building stage where my runs are short. I had a sick baby all week and it took a lot to force myself out the door. While I made sure to run, I neglected any other type of workout. Oh well- you can’t win them all!

Friday- Rest

Saturday- 5 mile run

There was still snow on the trail, but it was so warm that I had a slow but good long run.

Sunday- Skiing

I may run, but I need to do some lower body strength training! Skiing is so much work on your lower body! I was at Pass Powderkeg for a special day, Canada’s Largest Lesson (recap to come).

Monday- Rest

Tuesday- 2 mile run

I was on day two of sitting all day with a sick baby and I thought I would get in my 3 mile run on my home treadmill. Well, I got in two and called it a day. Home workouts and I are not friends.

Wednesday- 3.5 mile run

There was no way I was wasting a warm day on the treadmill, so wind or no wind, I headed out. Sunset runs are so amazing!

Thursday- 3 mile run

Same as Wednesday. The wind slowed me down a little but it was a lovely sunset run!

My goal for this week is to finally get my butt to hot yoga! All this running requires more stretching.

How was your week?

How are you preparing for the cold weather?

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