I’m actually more than halfway through my month long eating plan with Nutritious & Delicious and I’m so excited about the results already! After the two week mark, I was already down seven pounds- woot! woot!

A lot of friends are asking me how it’s going, so I thought I would share a brief update.

Chili flakes on my salad FTW!


The first week I was on the plan, I was exhausted! At first I thought it was because I wasn’t getting enough calories but I decided to wait until my two week check in to talk to Bethany about it.

What do you think happened? By week two I felt fine! The exhaustion was gone and I felt like myself again. Bethany said that first week is when your body does a detox and you can feel flu-like symptoms.


Maybe it’s from all those years of recording workouts for my coaches, but having someone I’m accountable to has definitely been a great motivator in keeping me on track. Knowing that Bethany is seeing what I eat on the app motivates me to stick to the plan.

I had one bad day where I drowned my stress in Wendy’s chicken strips, fries, and a frosty. The next day I received a kind word from Bethany on tips to keep eating out healthier and reassuring me that she was available whenever I needed to talk to her.

Easy snack!


I’m surprised I’m not having a ton of killer sugar cravings, I have such a sweet tooth! But I credit this to the evening snack of chocolate protein powder with chocolate almond milk. I get my chocolate fix but it’s low sugar and nutritious.


I once returned a meal plan because the recipes were waaaay too complicated! I am not a cook and I hate being in the kitchen. The recipes from Nutritious & Delicious have been very simple which I love!


I feel so good, both physically and mentally from this that I plan to continue eating according to a meal plan after my month is over. I have a lot of great ideas from the plan and I thrive under this kind of organization.

However, I do plan to give myself a cheat day. I think this will help me through the week not to get fixated on things like sushi and chocolate bars if I know I can treat myself on a specific day.

Overall, this has been a great experience and I still have a week and a bit to go!

About Nutritious and Delicious 

The goal at Nutritious & Delicious is to reduce the time and remove the stress of organizing healthy eating for the long term. Their clients are people who want long term physical and mental health.

You can start off by booking a free 30 minute consultation if you want. Visit her website today!

As a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Bethany doesn’t provide ready made meal plans. She works one on one with clients to tailor a healthy nutritious lifestyle plan for the whole family.




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