February Link Love

February is only a couple days shorter than most months and yet feels so much shorter! I’m sharing some of my favourite articles over this last month that may be of interest to you. Happy reading!


Have you heard of fitness snacking? It’s a buzz word I’m hearing about more and more. P.S. Chris Helmsworth…yummy!

I’m obsessed with how healthy my mom is and I love reading posts with advice on how to stay fit after 50.

Healthy Eating

As a teacher, I have to carefully manage my water intake as I can’t go to the washroom whenever I want. And I experience a few of these signs you need more water!

Did you know Canadians consume 33% more yogurt than Americans? I wonder why… This article gets into how Greek yogurt is different than regular and reasons it’s healthier for you.

I’m always confused about spices. I grew up in a salt and pepper household, so this quick overview of the health benefits of spices and what to add them to is perfect! I immediately got up and added cinnamon to my coffee.

Stay away from sandwiches! If you’re an office worker who spends your afternoons sitting, a sandwich or wrap isn’t the best idea. This post tells you why and gives you some alternate lunch ideas!

Healthy Mind

Wanderlust is doing a 21 Day Free Yoga Challenge in March. I signed up as a way to motivate myself to prioritize some stretching and breathing into my routine.

Healthy Life

I’ll never stop sharing tips from Laird Hamilton on healthy living, have you seen the guy? I even made Ryan read his book after I highlighted the spots I particularly wanted him to watch.

I am such a fan of lists! For anyone feeling overwhelmed by the wellness fads need to read this post ‘The New Rules of Healthy Living’ by Outside. It breaks down the top things to focus on to improve your health from . your home, sleep, diet, and workouts.

Other Interesting Links

I starred this link to a free printable goal setting worksheet that really works out what your goals are, why you want them, and what your blocks are. I’ll be printing and filling it out myself!

Does the extreme cold have your skin dry and scaly? I like these 4 DIY tips to deal!

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