I haven’t posted a Friday Fitness recap in several weeks because my workouts have been the same (running four times a week) and how many pictures of the treadmill screen or my feet do you need, right?

I’m currently doing shorter runs on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and a  long run on Saturday. I’ve been doing them on a treadmill that faces a plain brick wall and I’m dying! I thought June was late enough to not need to do a lot of winter running, but February and early March wasn’t having it.

Running on a treadmill is boring, but can be nice because you’re in better control of your speed and can really monitor your distance. But in most gyms, you can people watch while you run on the treadmill, not so much at my town’s little gym! I have spent the month of February staring at a brick wall. It was brutal!

And then, the clouds opened, the sun came out and on and I ran outside! When I got out of school and saw a +2C forecast, I knew I had to hit the local trail and do my run outside.

While I expected snow, I figured it would be packed down from other walkers/melting but actually it was super soft. My feet were slipping and sinking all over the place and the wind was strong, but I didn’t care, I was outside!

I have been able to squeeze in three outdoor runs in the last two weeks but due to ice and slush, am still on the treadmill for the long runs. I have a feeling by the end of next week though I can hit the trails!

MUCH better view than the brick wall!

The best part is the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a run. It hasn’t always been easy. I’ve had to run right after dinner and hold it down, the first run after Daylight Savings I spent the first 10 minutes nodding off! 

Anyone else been logging miles on the treadmill during these cold months?

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