Regular physical activity is essential for keeping your weight in check and preventing various health issues. However, various fitness myths can easily keep you away from the gym, or even worse preventing you from making any progress in your weight loss mission. Therefore, if you’re not noticing any positive results anymore, the workout plateau has most likely begun. Luckily, with a few useful tips, you’ll be back on track in no time, making those calories burn and shaping your figure in exactly the way you’ve always wanted.

Be realistic

Whether you’re stepping inside the gym for the first time or you’re back after several months of break, you shouldn’t start too fast, but begin small and gradually increase your workouts. Setting a realistic goal is the essential part of your workout journey because if you expect to look like JLo in a month without previously breaking a sweat in months or even years, your motivation won’t last because the results won’t be visible that soon. That’s why it’s essential that you think rationally and give yourself time to get in shape before you increase the intensity of your workouts. It’ll be the best strategy for building a strong foundation and preventing quick burn out or even a serious injury that will eventually lead to you giving up on working out altogether.

Stay consistent

Getting fit is impossible without consistency, so you should do your best to make a habit out of your exercising. The first two weeks are the adjustment period during which it’ll be so tedious and annoying to get out of bed in the morning to go for a run, but if you make it through the first 14 days, workouts will be an inevitable part of your daily routines. For starters, try to exercises every other day and to make the consistency more possible, mix up your exercises. Doing the same routine over and over will become boring eventually, so it’s vital that you look for an interesting mixture of exercises that will keep your body going, fat burning and your interest peeked. Also, paying a gym membership will be a good way to stay consistent and make you do your afternoon push-ups. Once you’ve invested a lot of money in yourself, you’ll want to actually make it pay off.

Improve your nutrition

Consistent training is nothing without proper nutrition. Therefore, you need to make sure you’re eating healthy and fuelling your body smart with all the necessary nutrients. Make your pre-workout meals high in complex carbs and protein. Add carbohydrate supplements to your nutrition because they’ll fuel your workout routine and help you last longer. Eating two hours before training is the best to avoid any side cramps. Your pre-workout meal shouldn’t contain more than 500 calories and not less than 300. Boiled eggs and rice, chicken and pasta as well as a tuna sandwich are some of the potential choices. Fats are detrimental to your body because they take a long time to digest, so it’s best if you steer clear from them. A small serving of fats won’t cause any serious damage, so an avocado can be a part of your diet for example, but you shouldn’t eat fried food, pizza or anything heavy in cheese.

Look for a like-minded environment

Support is essential for keeping you on track, so if you need a little push to go through your fitness journey it would be a good idea to surround yourself with people who’re going through the same thing as you are. Furthermore, friends and family can be a great shoulder to lean on and help you with meal prep or simply be there to give you additional motivation. Joining a group of like-minded people, or even making friends at the gym and having your own little club where you’ll share your worries and struggles will certainly make the fitness journey less stressful. Knowing that someone else is struggling with the same issues as you are and sharing their knowledge will be of great help, making you go forward instead of quitting at the first bump on the road. Also, once you see how someone else is trying their best at pumping iron, you’ll feel more motivated to do it yourself and show everyone that you can be just as successful.

Monitor your progress

Keeping a log of your progress is a great way to know whether your workouts are efficient or if you need to switch things up. Track your running PRs, reps and sets to know exactly where to start next time. Keep track of how you feel after and during the workout to see whether the workouts are doing you any good when it comes to your mental and emotional state, aside from your physical form. You might feel better after a lifting session, your body might react more favourably to morning cardio than to an evening run, so make sure you write everything down.

Final thoughts

There’s an entire arsenal of thoughts, myths and other people’s experiences that can keep you away from making any progress with your workouts. That’s why you need to review all the aforementioned tips and start your fitness journey with a clear and open mind. As long as you set realistic goals, remain consistent, eat well, spend time with like-minded people and monitor your progress, you’ll create a great workout routine and won’t have to face another block on your fitness journey.

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