March Link Love

I woke up this morning realizing it’s April already and I hadn’t shared my favourite links from March yet! Whoops!


I still have the desk jockey slump in my upper back. Sitting all day staring at a screen is so hard on our bodies, which is why office workers should read this link with stretches to help straighten out your shoulders.

I do the same yoga stretches after my long run and Mind Body Green put together a post that takes you through the very routine I do! These stretches work so great.

Healthy Eating

A lot of wellness folks are making their morning cups of coffee extra healthy by adding unconventional ingredients. I currently add cinnamon, but would like to include collagen too!

These 6 tips for eating out less are what I’ve been doing lately to save money and eat better! I hate being in the kitchen, but it’s necessary!H

Healthy Life

For folks who want a few simple tips to improve their health, this list of 11 simple changes to help you burn more body fat.

These runners are more than 100 years old and still competing! LIFE GOALS!

I like this post on ways to change being restless as I am well known for a complete inability to relax and do nothing. I don’t think this will change, but for other folks out there this could be useful.

I am obsessed with staying young forever! My mom is a huge inspiration to me, and these tips to stay young are common practices for my mom, so they work!

Get Outside

I love this article from a Dad on raising outdoorsy girls. He has such a good point about how peeing outside can be very intimidating! I peed on my feet a lot growing up as a kid, wish I knew about the downhill rule. Ha ha!

Other Interesting Links

This was the first link I added to this post on March 1st. I loved this article on Raising Your Standards so much that I read it a couple times and bookmarked it. I always envy my sister Laura and her hair, outfits, and her well decorated home, but it’s because her standards for herself are high. Time for me to make a new list! 🙂

I don’t think the hygge trend is going anywhere, I know I tried to think of life indoors as cozy as a way to enjoy it. These hygge tips are a great idea and I especially love keeping pastries/treats in the freezer to pull out whenever you like!

I SWEAR by keeping a paper planner in today’s online calendar world. The Everygirl shared some of their editors productivity hacks and a paper planner was one of them.

I made a mental note to start making bottles of iced green tea with fruit infusions ASAP after reading this post on ways to improve your skin.

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