April Link Love

It’s a couple days late- but here are some of my favourite links from April!


Do you know when to replace your running shoes? I always replace mine every year.

Looking to sculpt your booty? Don’t make this mistake!

Want to know what the deal with compression activewear is? This article helps sum it up. 2xu all the way baby!

Who else is guilty of skipping a warm-up? Here are some that only take 1-3 minutes up to 10 minutes.

Healthy Eating

Interesting read about how homemade herbal tea improves your health. I know my grandpa dried herbs and made her own drinks, I should start too.

Don’t know what to eat pre-run? Outside has some great suggestions!

Healthy Mind

Feeling grumpy? Maybe it’s from something that seems positive but is actually making you unhappy! I unfollowed some of my favourite Instagrammers because their fabulous wealthy lifestyles was starting to make me feel bad.

Healthy Life

I love this list of 17 easy ways to improve your health. It doesn’t always have to be an overhaul, sometimes it can be small changes.

Other Interesting Links

I wrote a post on easy ways to reduce your waste this month. This link is a great one with tips to reduce your plastic use!

How drool worthy is this cabin in Norway?

I was surprised at how many of my bucket list travel destinations were included in this article on 25 trips that will change your life. African safari is my number one item! I want to see those animals in the wild before they disappear.

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