I’ve said the one good thing to come out of the COVID crisis of 2020 was that people rediscovered the outdoors. My outdoor adventures this year are what helped me keep somewhat sane in a tumultuous world raising two babies with no access to family. The key to getting outside with your babies is committing to it no matter what. There were some mornings I had a mountain day planned that everything went wrong and I wanted to scrap it and stay home. Pushing through the pain it is to get ready and get out the door will pay off in the long run. Here is a recap of my 2020 outdoor adventures.


I made sure I got out there but man do I ever “get by with a little help from my friends!” Hiking with two littles is no joke.  My most memorable day was an early summer hike to Bertha Falls where Tynan hiked the whole way there by himself. Even better, he hiked half of it in his socks with no pants on! Ha ha!

When Bears Hump reopened, we were there a couple days later to check things out. Thank goodness for friends because I could barely make it up the hike on my own and at one point, as I had one kid on each side I was dizzy and lightheaded. So Paula took Logi and I hoofed it up with Ty on my back. It was so hard, but SO WORTH it!


I had a couple awesome days out at Red Rock Canyon with friends and their kids. This natural water park is so much to play in on a hot summers day.


What a year camping with babies!! I was determined to do the tenting thing but then a storm at Payne Lake destroyed my tent and changed my mind. From then on, I borrowed my Aunt’s camper van to take the boys out and we had a pretty great fall day at Police Outpost park in it.


I did manage to get a sitter a few times for some adventures including; Hiking to Drywood Falls, Mt. Baldy & Mt. Albert in one day, and absolutely DYING hiking up Table Mountain.


And I squeezed in a few random adventures including; pond skating in Waterton, attempting to bike Red Rock Canyon parkway, hiking and back country camping in Boundary Bay,  and snow shoeing to Forum Falls.

Do you know what I find cool about this recap? Is that there are other 2020 outdoor adventures that I realized I never blogged about. I spent less time worrying about pictures and getting recap posts together this year and focused more on my experience and my babies.

I’m hoping for more outdoor fun throughout 2021!

Did you spend a lot of time outdoors this year?

What’s on your 2021 outdoors bucket list?

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