Ok! Tynan and Logan are both napping and my mom is taking a much needed break and enjoying a long shower. So now let’s try to hammer out Logan’s birth story, which is oddly similar to Tynan’s!

If you follow me on social media, I quoted “Man makes plan and God laughs.” Well, I schedule my c-sections and he laughs at that too! Because five days before my scheduled c-section, I once again went into labour! What the hell?! What are the odds of that happening twice?

The Birth Story- Five Days Early

My first contraction hit long and hard around midnight and I said to Ryan “I really hope that is just a Braxton Hicks contraction.” But to be safe I started up my stop watch and started timing. There were two contraction that were ten minutes apart and then my water broke.

I was so PISSED because I wasn’t ready! I had everything planned and I still thought I had five days to prepare before the baby arrived. And here I was, in labour in the middle of the night. At least this time, I had an emergency hospital bag packed “just in case” this happened again. Good thing.

We called my brother in law to cone get Tynan and Ryan and I headed in to the hospital.

My contractions were coming regularly and I timed them at six minutes apart by the time I got to the hospital. At 1:30 am we made it into the hospital and they hooked me up to the heartbeat monitor.


Ok. Here is where things went sideways. I did not prepare for traditional labour. I did not take a childbirth class, I did not research relaxation methods, exercises, or anything else to make it easier.

For instance, these contractions hurt waaaaaay more than last time! When I asked the nurse why, she said because Tynan was a breech, I didn’t experience the pain of a baby actually bearing down to come out.

I also had never had my cervix checked before; this is barbaric!! I yelled at the nurse “Lady! Get your fingers out of me!” Why don’t we have technology like microscopic cameras to measure that? I should look into starting up a tech company to invent this because that sucks!

I also didn’t like being told to relax and breath slowly through the contractions. Again, I had not prepared for that! I was yelling for drugs and saying “cut this kid out me!”

Anyhoo, I had to wait another hour and a half for the doctor and the anesthesiologist to get there in which I experienced contractions getting harder and closer together.

At one point my doctor wanted to check to see how dilated I was and I wouldn’t let her! I was terrified she would try and make me push so I flat out refused.

Oh man! Those poor nurses! I was awful.

When we finally got to the O.R. and that spinal tap took effect I was able to calm down and apologize to all the ladies for how awful I had been. Ha ha!

I Made My Weight Gain Goal

On a side note, my goal was not to break 200 pounds. When we arrived at the hospital, they forgot to weigh me. They decided to go by the weight I was at my last doctor appointment the week before which was 197.5 pounds. So there you go- I never broke 200! Ha ha ha!

He Arrives 

C-sections don’t take long and in less than ten minutes, Logan made his appearance in the world! It was funny because they said I would feel pressure and I could feel them pushing down on the top of my stomach but I wasn’t expecting a huge splashing sound that sounded similar to someone throwing a bucket of water. Seconds later I heard him cry.

I was so excited to finally see his face and so relieved to have it all over with.

He was another little baby, 7 pounds 1 ounce and 19.5 inches long. He only cried a little when he first came out but was super mellow from that moment on.

When we finally left recovery for our hospital room it was 5 a.m.

Ryan slept on the chair and I laid there holding Logan close to my chest and I swear there is no better feeling in the world.

Women are Warriors!!!

You can’t truly understand labour pain without experiencing it yourself and seriously, women are warriors! That is a pain like no other. I texted a friend who had a 10.5 pound baby without drugs and I told her that she wasn’t a mother, she was a survivor. Phew! In fact, I get the push present trend because women deserve gifts and special treatment after enduring something like that. I’ve ready many a birth story that downplayed how awful it really is!

So that’s the dramatic story of how I once again, didn’t get the relaxed elective c-section I had anticipated. I got the dramatic movie moment that I will always look on in slight horror.

How funny that this Type A control freak was ONCE AGAIN shown that life won’t go according to plan.

But in exchange, I got this AMAZING LITTLE MAN!

I’ll do a baby update in a few weeks when I get more sleep and feel more together. In the meantime, I wanted to share his funny birth story.

Anyone else opt for C-sections over natural delivery? Is anyone interested in me sharing my reasons for this?

4 thoughts on “Logan’s Birth Story

  1. Lol!! I love everything about your story. It’s so “you”. Hahaha.

    I agree – there’s nothing to prepare yourself for labour pain. There’s nothing like it. You truly feel like you’re dying!

    1. Ha ha ha! Right?! I couldn’t believe it happened to me AGAIN!

      And I was shook to my core by how painful those labour pains were. I thought I knew from Ty, but like the nurse said, he was breech so those were less intense. Mother’s Day is not even close to enough appreciation for what women endure to get those babies’ out!

    1. I’m thinking of doing a write up or video about it. My mom had five c-sections so I never viewed it as something major or scary; it was just how the baby came out.

      I knew recovery was longer, but risk of longer laster issues such as pelvic floor damage or prolapse seemed worse in my eyes. And because it’s usually only used for emergency it’s viewed as a very scary procedure and so many women have all this guilt around it which I find crazy!

      Getting a baby out sucks no matter which way you get them out! Ha ha!

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