Little Ryan, TyTy, and I went to the Lethbridge Corn Maze this week to celebrate my niece Reegan’s birthday. I’ve been to the Corn Maze a couple times before, once when the kids were little, and then for a girls night. I was excited to go with little TyTy for his first visit. Of course, he won’t remember a thing, so we’ll go again in the years to come.

I almost threw up when I stepped out of the car. A nearby field was spreading manure and it was an intense, horrible smell. It took about 10 minutes before I was accustomed to the stench and I laughed my head off until then.

We took a few photos, and I had to get some iconic shots of TyTy in his little farmer outfit I put him in.

After a couple pictures, the girls took off on their own and my sister in law, Camille, and I tackled the trivia maze with TyTy. He loved being outside and in his carrier and would cycle his little legs as if he was walking.

We were pretty smart with our trivia and made it through that portion of the maze pretty easily. We were heading to the petting zoo when we ran into Ryan and Robyn (my niece) who had separated from the group because Robyn wasn’t feeling well.

I was so excited to see TyTy’s reaction to the animals because he loves our dogs at home. But he was pretty unimpressed by the goats, pigs, peacocks, and bunnies.

In the meantime, we were OBSESSED with the baby goats! They are seriously the cutest animals! We spent a long time holding baby goats and taking photos of them as they jumped around.

After awhile, we met back up with the group and decided to go through the maze together. We went in backwards though, starting at the end and were we ever lost! Corn mazes are seriously so fun. The girls sang songs and ran around having so much fun and TyTy loved every minute of it.

After awhile though, we were sick of dead ends and people were getting hungry so we decided to ask the watcher in the tower to help lead us out of there. It was dark by the time we were out and headed back to the car.

Of course, five minutes before we made it to the car, TyTy fell asleep. I brought pajamas and planned to change him into a fresh diaper and pj’s so I could transfer him straight to bed when we got home. Do you know what’s tough? Changing a baby in the backseat of a car in the dark. Even tougher? When he has a hug, sticky poop! UGH! Ryan had to hold the phone flashlight for me as I went through a ton of wipes to get him clean.

It was such a fun way to enjoy a Tuesday evening and I can’t wait to go back when Ty’s old enough to really enjoy the animals.

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