A lot of people start the New Year with plans to improve their life; eat better, exercise more, or prioritize mental health. They never really last long. A 2020 study published in Inc. showed that most people abandon their plans as early as January 19! A great way to actually stick you’re your plans is to find a person or program to keep you on track. This year, I’m once again working with Bethany from Nutritious & Delicious to get myself back on track.

If you’re a regular blog reader, you know that working with Bethany Gettis, a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant helped me lose my last ten pounds of baby weight after Tynan. After Logan, I signed up for her 6 Month Mommy Makeover but didn’t stick with it long enough to see results.

This time around I’m participating in the Beginner’s Journey Six Month Membership. This package is PERFECT for someone who wants to build permanent healthy habits over time. This program is also so affordable at only $25/month.

Beginner’s Journey Six Month Membership

This program is meant to build fundamentals to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. It includes;

  • Weekly education videos to guide your new lifestyle
  • Toolkit provided to work in for self-growth and inspiration
  • 6 food lists to accommodate sensitivities like gluten, dairy intolerances, keto lifestyle or picky eating
  • Daily affirmations, guided visualizations and relaxing meditations provided

Mindset is KEY!

I’m just starting my second month but the first month was transformative. The first month is all about mindset! She doesn’t have you jump into an intense program. No restrictive diets, it’s all about getting to a place, mentally, to make permanent habit changes.

Her videos and visualizations helped pull me out of that negative mindset I’ve been stuck in.

“I’m an emotional eater and I’m stressed all the time.”

“My kids are controlling my life and I can’t make any changes.”

“I’m stuck.”

Yuck! Right?

Her program through that month helped me realize how much my thoughts can positively affect my life. After month one, I found mindset focused accounts to follow on Instagram. It’s really helped me relook at things and has been pulling that hopeless feeling away layer by layer. I feel more in control.

I’m in Month 2 now which is Nutrition Basics and looking forward to what comes in the next four months.

Interested in building healthy habits in a manageable way? Check out the program!



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