Ladies and Gentleman, I am very excited to present my son Tynan! For those wondering where we got the name Tynan, it’s my Irish maiden name and I am so happy that this name will live on with my child. I won’t be turning this blog into a mommy blog but there will be baby posts once in awhile, just like I had a couple pregnancy posts.


His birth story is really funny. I had scheduled an elective C-section because I had no desire to go through labour. My mother had five C-sections and she always talked about how she didn’t experience the same health issues other women did from childbirth.

But what do you know, the day before our scheduled procedure at 5 am my water broke! We raced to the hospital as I timed my contractions at 6 minutes apart and I was soooooo worried I would have to have a natural delivery after all. Luckily for me, we ran into my OBGYN as we walked to the delivery suite and she bumped one of her scheduled procedures to get me in. Phew!

Let’s just say, the 3 hours of labour I experienced was more than enough! I like that I’m a tough chick and can push my body, but for labour- bring on the drugs! Ha ha! Anyway, we got into the O.R. and I was pleasantly surprised at how painless, relaxed, and positive the atmosphere was. The first thing my doctor said when she cut into me was “Oh! This is his bum! He’s a breech!” Neither of us knew that he was upside down with his legs up, so I would have needed a C-section no matter what. This made me even more grateful that I scheduled one because I’ve heard an emergency C-section after a long labour is brutal.

I haven’t talked about our infertility struggles openly, it was much too hard, and I felt that if I said the words aloud that I would jinx myself. But the moment I heard his cries I started to sob- hard. For years I used to cry at night or in the car fearing I would never be a mother and his first cry was music to my ears. It made for a terrible first family photo.

Anyway, that’s his birth story. As for recovery, it is not nearly as bad as everyone scared me into thinking it was! I had visions of being bedridden for weeks and hunched over in pain. Day 2 was the worst and after that each day got easier. It’s now just over two weeks and I feel like myself and ready to go again but I have to wait until my 6 week mark. It’s been a good way to force this energetic, busy girl to sit on the couch and snuggle the baby.


Enough about me, what about the baby? He is AMAZING! He earned the nickname Turtle on his second day of life because he makes this little Turtle face that is so cute!

He’s a very mellow baby who only cries when he’s hungry. He loves to be held and cuddled and when he’s awake he wants to snuggle up and look around.

He also LOVES to co-sleep! Which is something I swore I would never, ever do with any of my children. But he sleeps so much better when he can snuggle up next to me and I absolutely love the feel of his little body next to mine. It means a light sleep for me since I can’t allow myself to go into deep sleep, but he is so content that I feel it’s worth losing sleep.

Turtle and I like to go on walks since that’s the only exercise I’m allowed to do and the weather has finally warmed up.


My mom was such a HUGE help! I picked her up the day before I went into labour and she was my coach as we drove into town to the hospital. She took such good care of myself and TyTy for the two weeks she was here and I REALLY enjoyed having her here. I don’t know what I would have done without her on the day we had Ty circumcised. I was a mess and sobbed for three straight hours when we got home. Mom took care of him and consoled me.

I cried when I had to drop her off but I know she’s a text or phone call away.

Expect to see Turtle in my posts a lot. I can’t wait to get him to the mountains and on the (short and flat) trails.

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    1. Aw thanks Camille! I had a more glamorous photo in mind before he arrived but real life is not always picture perfect. 🙂

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