Any readers from the Southern U.S.; Arizona, Texas, Utah, New Mexico? HOW do you motivate yourself when it’s hot out? Southern Alberta gets hot in the summers but it’s been on the extreme (by Canadian standards) side for weeks now and my workouts have gone done the toilet. I wake up lethargic and have been sleeping past my morning workout alarm, I wake up with a slight headache until I chug water, and I cannot work at home because my house is HOT.

I’m not complaining though! We had one hell of a cold winter and they predict it will be freezing again so I am embracing the heat but I need some survival tips.

I start my mornings drinking coffee and reading blogs and my favourite bloggers killed it this weekend running in ironmans, ultra marathons, long runs, Orange Theory Fitness and what did I do? I swam. Leisurely. Every single day. And I guess I cleaned my house on Sunday morning.

On Friday evening, we took the kids to the local bridge jumping spot on the irrigation canal for swimming and jumping. The irrigation waters are high right now and there is quite a current so by the time we were done I was fairly tired.

But that night our house was SO HOT I couldn’t sleep. I eventually took an ice pack out of the freezer and stuck it on my head to sleep.

Saturday I took the kids and my niece and nephew out to float down the irrigation canal. Ryan’s back was bugging him so he stayed home and I headed out with the kids. It was a hot and gorgeous day for a three hour float.

On Sunday, I spent the morning scrubbing the house in anticipation of my family coming this weekend. I had all the intentions of doing a long run in the morning but by 9:00 a.m. it was already 27C- no thank you! After lunch,  we hit the irrigation canals once more to float, this time with the kids mom and step dad as well. It was nice floating with other adults to chat with, ha ha!

After my sun overload, I got a little crispy and had to stay in for the rest of the day out of the sun and chugging lots of water. And that was my weekend! I didn’t get any workouts in, no planning for next semester- just swimming and playing like a little kid. Don’t get me wrong, I had a BLAST but now it’s Monday and I have a little lazy guilt going on.

I have plans to hit the nice air conditioned gym at school today, and hopefully the rest of the week, to get back into a routine.

How do you deal with the heat?

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