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Hiking Bear’s Hump With Alberta Bloggers

Waterton two days in a row? Best weekend ever!! This weekend was an Alberta Bloggers Retreat in Waterton and several local bloggers who I follow were in my favourite place! After seeing that I hiked Bertha Falls with the kids a mere 45 minutes after a group of the bloggers did, Ashley (of Adventure to Anywhere) PM’d me on Instagram to…

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Four Hikes in One Day

I had a perfect day in Waterton this Saturday. My workout buddy Catherine and I made plans to go hiking with our babies (hers is human, mine is furry). We were joined by her husband and another couple (my sibling in-laws actually) and their baby. Catherine and I got to the park first and she had the great idea to…

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The Mountains Were Calling and I Answered

I was seized with a complete fit of restlessness this weekend. Saturday afternoon rolled around and I knew I had to go or I would go crazy!  I took off for Waterton to see my old roomie Keirstyn and to laugh and forget my troubles. As soon as I passed the park lines the mountains hugged me and welcomed me…

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