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So Delicious Summer Treats

I had an awesome summer treat this year when So Delicious sent me their line of dairy free  summer products.  First off, I was especially stoked over the fact that they sent it on dry ice to my office, but when I opened the box and looked at my haul I was even more excited. Summer is a tough time…

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So Delicious Holiday Drinks

For anyone who follows me on Twitter, you would know I am currently obsessed with So Delicious’s Coconut Yoghurt! It has the taste and texture of real yogurt and makes such a great snack when you toss some whole almonds in. I loved it so much I approached So Delicious asking if they had any other products I could try…

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Best Gluten & Dairy Free Option in Lethbridge- Cafe Verde

Eating out has changed a lot since I have had to start eating gluten and dairy free. Burger joints are out, I have to be careful with Indian (a lot of cream) and I am pretty much limited to salads at all other restaurants. Which is why I am currently obsessed with Cafe Verde in Lethbridge! On Mayor Magrath, tucked…

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