Hey everyone! How has your weekend been? I am currently avoiding cleaning my disaster of a house right now.

I figured it couldn’t hurt to open up to my readers a little and share some facts that I don’t think I have shared before.

1. I am a tarsand baby. Born and raised in Fort McMurray, Alberta my dad, grandpa and uncle all worked for Suncor. I am very proud to be from Fort Mac.

I was BALD!
I was BALD!

2. I have a big butt. My measurements are 34″, 33″, 42″. It is big. I’m not complaining because it’s what first caught my husbands eye! Ha ha!

Big round tush
Big round tush

3. I am the oldest of five children and they are all taller than me! I refer to my various siblings throughout this blog but I’ll list them and share a picture today. I have a height complex because they are all taller than me, at 5’8 I’m the shrimp!

My siblings: Laura, Me, Bruce, Leilani and Ben
My siblings: Laura, Me, Bruce, Leilani and Ben

4. I snort when I laugh. And I HATE IT!

Tea party giggles with my little sister

5. My dream career is PE Teacher. I originally went to college to be a PE teacher because coaching sports is my passion. But I allowed myself to be talked out of it by parents and relatives into a PR major where I could “make money.” It’s the single biggest regret of my life.

I need to be a professional coach
I need to be a professional coach

6. I am obsessed with mangos. I eat a mango almost every day or at least every other day. It doesn’t matter what the time of year I have to have mangos on hand. They make me happy.

7. I had lasik eye surgery. I was a four eyes most of my life until my grandparents so kindly paid for Lasik. It’s amazing and I recommend it to anyone!


8. I am claustrophobic. I cannot handle crowds at all. I start to hyperventilate and panic. This was part of the reason I had to move away from Seattle to a small city, I needed space.

9. Teeth freak me out. I hate teeth. I am shake in the dentist chair and because of that I brush and floss and go in for 6 month check ups and cleaning to avoid ever needing dental work.

10. I have only ever had two boyfriends. I dated my first boyfriend for 5.5 years and married my second boyfriend.


So there you have a little randomness that is me! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Get outside, get active, and enjoy!

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