My mum came into town for a short three day visit and I took Wednesday off to spend the day in Waterton with her.  I had to cram as much Waterton fun as I could in one day and I think I did a good job- I should be a tour guide!

First off was a quick stop to Prince of Wales to check out the historic hotel and take a photo from that scenic view point.

Then it was off to Bears Hump. I was so excited to school these old folks but for some reason I was DIEING. My legs felt weak and it was a struggle to hike up this. It’s a difficult hike but usually not that difficult. Oh well, they loved the view (who wouldn’t). The best part was on the way down we raced my mum. I thought her knees would give out and she would stop and walk but she jogged down the whole thing! I was very proud of her.

Mum and I at the top
Me and my baby brother Ben!

Ben loves Bears Hump


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