Welcome to my year end review. I remember my year end review for 2012 was insane and filled with adventures! So let’s review 2013.

I feel like I didn’t do as much in 2013 because Ryan and I were in financial recovery mode from our wedding and honeymoon. But I tried to fit in as many adventures as possible anyway.

Got Married

This is the biggest one obviously! My day was amazing and the snow came down and down and down and down.

our wedding day :)
our wedding day 🙂

The highlight of the day was surprising Ryan with a flash mob to Marry the Night for our first dance where our friends and family joined in, including my mother!

See the flashmob here!


Went to Hawaii on an Adventure Filled Honeymoon

Hawaii was incredible and I was so happy I was able to share my favourite place in the world with Ryan. We were busy, busy the whole week.

Got a Puppy

Oh my wonderful Rocky Barkboa! I don’t know how on earth I went so long without a dog. This little black fluffer puts a smile on my face every single day!


Bertha Falls, Bears Hump & Red Rock were my buddies this hiking season as I never seemed to have the time for anything longer!

Rocky and I!
Rocky and I!

Ran a Spartan

This was the hardest race I have ever done- I would not recommend doing it without training first- trust me! But I’m glad I did it.



This was not a good year for me. I’ll be spending my spring at the driving range, I am determined to be a half decent golfer!

Won Two Gold Medals

This was the year of gold for me! I didn’t run in nearly as many races as I did last year but I did relive my youth by running the 100m dash in the Southern Alberta Summer Games.

 Went Kayaking

I was taught to kayak in 2012 by an Olympic medalist kayaker and I only got out once this year! BUT- we both had a great time and Ryan is talking about buying a pair of kayaks for next summer. So it was successful. My favourite is Rocky riding in the front of Ryan’s kayak! Ha ha ha.

This is my favourite pic of the day. Rocky looking bored in these gorgeous surroundings
This is my favourite pic of the day. Rocky looking bored in these gorgeous surroundings

Solo Road Tripped

I did a couple of solo road trips and I am preparing for another for Christmas.



Turns out my stomach aches and rapid weight gain (not to mention bloated stomach that got me a lot of pregnancy inquiries) were due to a newly developed intolerance to lactose and gluten. Since cutting them out, my stomach aches have stopped and about 8 pounds have melted off quickly. I still have 12 more to go, but I’m a happy girl this year end!

So there you have it- it was certainly not the adventure filled year I had in 2012, but it had some major life events thrown in there so it’s totally worth it. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings!

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