I don’t like the word “resolutions” it almost sets you up for failure. But I do have a few goals and habits I would like to achieve/develop in 2014. Here is my tiny list of extremely attainable goals.

Run a 10k

This is a goal I know I can achieve. Why? I started in December. My fitness buddy Cat and I are planning to run the 10km in the Moonlight Run. The longest I have ever run is 8k (Ladiesfest 2012) and I remember that seemed way too daunting of a distance but I completed in a lot better time than I thought!


This is my only written fitness goal. Of course I would like to get my weight down to 150 and become a yoga master but setting too many goals is overwhelming and setting yourself up for failure. If those things happen, awesome. But my focus, at least until March, will be this 10k training.

Start walking the dog in the mornings

I already wake up early enough each morning to have 30 minutes to sit down and savour my coffee and read my favourite blogs. In 2014 this habit will change to walking Rocky while drinking my coffee during those 30 minutes.

I figure if I can do that at least twice a week during the work week, he’ll be happy and I’ll be happy.  For those of you not waking up extra early- trust me it is the best habit of your life! I can’t believe I used to plan my mornings to the tightest timing possible to sleep for an extra 30 minutes!

Start a journal

I received my first journal when I was 8 from my baby sitter for my baptism. I continued to keep a journal right up until college. I would start up at times and get in a few entries and then stop. I miss having that record of my life and the small things that happen to me.

My cousin and I also talk about how we want to do every other weekend adventures and what better way to remember these memories than writing about them? What better way to remember the silly spats or romantic moments Ryan and I share if I don’t write them down?

Pay off car

This is actually a really easy goal. I am on track to have it paid off by the end of this year. But I would like it paid off sooner. I am sick of sending $400 a month of my hard earned money to the bank for my car. I want that money back for a vacation fund! Or to put toward my student loan to become debt free.

My goal is to dump an extra $200 a month into my car and possibly my tax return in order to pay it off and improve my financial well being.

Stop wasting time on Facebook

I started this in December. I was so tired of Facebook statuses and posts upsetting me and getting me angry I literally had to stop looking at it for my mental health! I tried unsubscribing from statuses of people who over posted or posted stupid things but I was still seeing opinions, articles and photos that made me mad. Why on earth would I allow that negativity into my life?

So I have been on a Facebook fast. It’s hard. I catch myself grabbing my phone and clicking on my Newsfeed before I fully process what I’m doing. My thumbs itch sometimes to see what’s going on. But really, if anything that affects me is posted I’m usually tagged in it and if some juicy gossip is posted I will get a text from a friend asking “Did you see so and so’s post on Facebook?” So I’m not missing out on anything.

I think my short list is very attainable and all five of these goals/habits will make me happier.

Don’t go into 2014 with huge goals like “Lose 20 pounds” or “Pay off all debt” or “Travel the World.” Set up a handful (literally- no more than 5) small and attainable goals/habits. Fit them on a post it and put near your computer, mirror, wherever you will see it often.

It truly is the little things in life that make us happy.

3 thoughts on “2014 New Years Goals/Habits

  1. I think those are all achievable things for 2014! I’d love to walk my dog in the morning, but I am just not a morning person. I’ve tried to get up earlier, but I find that walking him after work works for me.

  2. Morning walks with the pup is a really good one! That’s something I’d ideally like to do, the problem is that as it is I get up before 6am to get ready to go to work. Still, there has to be a way! 🙂

  3. I like your approach to goal setting and have a few that I want to focus on, and some some smaller things to do later in the year. Good luck on your runs!

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