Wow! Another year has come and gone. Despite less adventures, more stress, and more angst, 2014 was a good year for me because it’s the year I realized that living on the conveyor belt and trying to always meet others people’s expectations will never make me happy.  I noticed that 2014 has been fairly, well, lame!  When you look at all I did in 2012, this year has not been as adventure/fitness-fueled as usual. 2015 is going to have to be a major change.

Let’s look at my year.

Got ANOTHER puppy

Without my permission, Ryan brought home a puppy and we fought tooth and nail over it. But I’ve accepted little Apollo Breed and he’s now such a joy to our family.

I learned to work healthier

2014 was the year I figured out how to make my desk job as healthy as possible. 



Though I didn’t hike as often as I wanted, I hit a few trails I had never been on before which was awesome.

photo 1

Had an Amazing Staycation with my Family

My extended family all came north for a family wedding and stuck around for some adventures after.

LOVE these people with all my heart!
LOVE these people with all my heart!

Completed a few races

I normally do way more races, this year I only competed in three.


Rode in a helicopter

I learned that my motion sickness is retched in a helicopter!

photo 4

So there was 2014, an ok year but not overly awesome. 2015 is going to rock because I have one sisters wedding in Seattle and another in Mexico. My baby brother is turning 21 and wants to do a family Vegas trip.

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