2015 was a year that I will always remember! It was year of big life changes, of happiness for one sister and devastation for another, of travel and adventure, and of acceptance.


2015 was a year of transitions for me. Ryan and I downsized our home and I was finally able to quit my job and go back to university to pursue my degree in Physical Education. I also learned a lesson in patience when anger caused a severe foot injury that still gives me pain.

But overall, 2015 has been one of the best years of my life so far in terms of happiness, and life satisfaction.

My last day of work


2015 was a great year of travel and trips!

L.A.– I won a trip to LA to train with elite trainers at Hermosa Beach with winners from all over the world. It was such an amazing trip and it inspired me to up my training. It felt like summer camp and I made some great friends and had so much fun!

(Day 1, Day 2, Day 3)

This picture kind of gives you an inkling of the choppiness we were dealing with


Las Vegas For Ben’s 21st bday my family all decided to go to Vegas. I had never been before and had such a blast! We talked about making it an annual trip.

Vancouver Bachelorette– We went to Vancouver for my sister Laura’s bachelorette and had more fun hanging out in the hotel than out on the town! Ha ha!

Seattle– I go to Seattle several times a year to visit family but this year’s trip was special because it was for Laura’s wedding!

Fernie– Ryan and I had a May Long dog-cation filled with fun and outdoor adventures.


Mexico This was supposed to be my sister Leilani’s wedding trip but sadly her fiancee cancelled and left a month before the wedding. We all went and rallied around her an d made sure she had a fun vacation with her friends and family. The weather sucked but we made the best of it.


Camped in Koocanusa

Hiked (Goat Haunt, Hosmer Mountain, Fairy Creek Falls, Blakiston Valley, Turtle Mountain, Bertha Falls, Bear’s Hump, Wall Lake, Crandell Lake)

Ferry & Beach Adventures in Washington

Swam in a hotspring in a cave

As you can see, the fog made a clear photo impossible! Note the diver.

Paddleboarding in Waterton

Spent a day in Waterton with the fam

SnowshoeingLineham & Forum Falls

Spent a Weekend in Banff & Canmore Had an awesome winter adventure with my sister.


Ran a few races (Moonlight Run, Clause Cause, Santa Shuffle)

Spent the summer training like a sprinter- After my time at the 2XU Ultimate Performance Training Camp I set a lofty goal of trying out for the university track team. I hired a coach, spent all summer training (even ran a 100m dash in Calgary) and in August a foot injury dashed those dreams.

Signed up for a half marathon- Since sprinting was out, I decided to go the other way and signed up for the 2-016 Seawheeze Half Marathon!


What’s been the highlight of your year?

What are you looking forward to in 2016?

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