Yesterday made a great day for a fun run! For the third year in a row, I bundled up and hit Nicholas Sheran Park to run in the Santa Shufffle, a race sponsored by Running Room and the Salvation Army. I love this race because it’s super low key and everyone gets a pretty medal that makes for a great Christmas ornament!

This year I ran it alone as my race buddy Cat had to work. I asked strangers for an awkward photo of myself at the start and then I waited for it to begin.

This is a smaller race but this year it was the smallest I had every seen it! Maybe 40 people were there but it was mainly families with their little kids which was nice to see. I can’t wait to be the mom that makes my kids run in fun runs with me, whether they want to or not! Ha ha!

This group was shy and NO ONE would go to the front of the start line. Finally, a couple of Salvation Army volunteers and a few brave runners (including myself) edged up to the front.

After my pee stop, I continued on feeling surprisingly good. I didn’t have any cramps, my lungs felt great, it was just my legs that were a little heavy. I didn’t push myself; when I felt like stopping, I walked. It was a very strange feeling to be in a race and not try to push my body past it’s limits though.

As I started the second loop of the run, I had to pee again! Ugh!! I decided I wasn’t wasting any more time though so I held it and finished the race first.

I was content with my time of 39:44 and collected my newest running ornament.

Overall, I was really happy with my run. I felt good (except the having to pee part) and it felt awesome to be out pulling pavement again.

After I was finished I waited around for the random draw for gift cards that they had done the last two years. But soon, all the runners were gone and the volunteers were packing up so I figure there weren’t enough registries to do draw prizes this year.

Next year, I’m going to have to help promote this race and I’ll bring a big crew like I did last year.

Any fun runs you participate in every year?

Running mamas- am I going to need diapers for myself soon? LOL!!!

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