Just like that, the holidays are over. It seems so crazy that we have this long build up and in just a couple days, it’s all over. Even though we are in the New Year and it’s time to look forward, I wanted to do a quick recap of TyTy’s first Christmas.

First off- travelling solo with a baby is no joke! It is so super stressful!! On the way to my mother’s (a 10 hour drive) we got caught in Cranbrook behind an accident that closed the west-bound highway for three hours. Tynan and I killed time in the mall and I stressed at how much later we would now be arriving at my mothers.

The nice thing about driving through the night is that the baby sleeps quietly the entire time. The bad thing is that you’re tired and stressed because you’re watching like a madwoman for animals or any other potential dangers on the road. I also learned that I can hold my pee for almost an hour and a half. Ha ha!

On Sunday, we joined my mom for the Christmas program at church. I wasn’t a huge fan because there were no decorations and the songs were all modern arrangements of songs versus the classic hymns. One of the songs didn’t sound like a Christmas song at all until I heard the word manger.

My favourite part of visiting for the holidays is working out with my mom. That woman is so disciplined and she rarely let’s anything stop her from working out 5-6 times a week! No wonder she looks so good. During the week we did spin, CX, and BodyPump while my stepdad watched Ty.

This is such a special time for mom and I because it’s our 1 on 1 time and we both prefer to work out with company.

I’m usually the family event planner, but I was too tired dealing with all of Ty’s night wakings AND the fact that for some reason he woke up between 3:30- 5 AM every single day the entire trip! So who steps in? My youngest brother Ben! He typed out our plans for each day so we wouldn’t fall into the trap of losing track of time.

One of the first things on the agenda was a Christmas Eve walk by the Columbia River and family pics on a dock. The best photo from that day was this one of my mom and her three grandsons.

Ty had a BLAST on the swings! He laughed so hard as he went back and forth next to his cousin Clark.

That night we dressed the babies in their matching Christmas pajamas and started opening gifts. I couldn’t believe the pile of presents Ty recieved!

The highlight of Christmas Eve in my family is the talent show. Ty did his first performance with me “dancing” to the Chipmunks Christmas song. Bruce and ben played guitar, my mom the flute, the girls and I performed an EPIC Backstreet Boys performance. There was a ton of laughter and fun that night.

In my family, we open all our gifts on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day, we headed to the rahbailitation centre to spend several hours with my Grandma in the rec room we booked ahead of time.

As we walked through the centre, it broke my heart to see all the old folks sitting in the hall in their wheelchairs staring into space. So Ty and I went on walkabout to spread Christmas cheer. He was dressed in his elf costume (so perfect with those big ears) and I had him wave and smile at the folks we passed.

After the visit to grandma’s we had a small hike up Flattop on the agenda. No one else wanted to go, so Ben and I rushed out to beat the sunset. This is a very short little hike that’s straight up and a sandy trail.

Before we knew it we were at the top and the view of the two rivers and the Tri-Cities was pretty cool.

That night we headed to a park in Richland to see Christmas lights. This was another highlight. The whole park was lit up, a tree and lights on stage were synchronized to music, there was a Santa’s village, it was so Christmasy! I think we found a new family tradition.

The next day we had ice skating on the agenda. What do you do with a baby when you’re ice skating? The arena said no strollers (it was way too crowded) so what do you do? Always find a sitter? Is there no ice approved baby pusher?

Bruce and I took lessons as kids and I did a couple years of figure skating. I am no way near where I used to be but I can still do a couple things.

I can also still take a fall! Ha ha!

With everything checked off the planning list, we relaxed at my moms and played Uno. My family gets very competitive which makes for a fun and loud game.

And just like that, we were done. Everyone headed back to Seattle and Ty and I enjoyed a mellow half week visiting my grandma, hitting the gym, and watching thrillers.

The drive home was interesting. I couldn’t do another long drive through the night and I knew Ty couldn’t take a 10 hour drive in one day. So I booked a hotel in Sandpoint, ID (near the halfway point of Bonner’s Ferry) and headed out with Ty. He slept for an hour, played for 30 minutes and then screamed his head off for 45 minutes.

We took a break at the Spokane Mall for a couple hours and he slept another hour after we left.

At the hotel we hit the swimming pool, his second time ever being in a pool. He didn’t cry, but he didn’t enjoy himself much either. As I swished him side to side and up and down, he didn’t move a muscle except his head to watch the other kids. Oh well, we’ll get there!

The second day was the same pattern. Sleep for an hour, play for 30, cry for 30-45 minutes until we hit a town where I could stop. It was the most stressful travelling I had ever done. I have always thought of myself as super woman and that I could do anything I set my mind to. Travelling solo with a baby on a long road trip is too much!

Anyway, we’re home now recovering from our travels. No matter how stressful it was to get there, it was worth it for all the memories made! I wish I lived closer to my family, they’re a pretty awesome bunch!

If you made it through this photo heavy post- good for you my friend! Ha ha!

How were your holidays?

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