For a few years now, I’ve stopped setting New Year Resolutions and started setting intentions. One mantra and goal to focus on. Some of the past intentions have included; 2015- ‘Contentment and an Open Heart’ , 2016- ‘Streamline’, and 2017- ‘Stress Less.’In 2018, it was ‘Go with the Flow.’

“I’m going to try to be more receptive to things when they don’t go as planned and to have the flexibility to change course as needed. I’m going to trust that the things that happen in life have to be for a reason.”

At my halfway check in things were going well and looking back on the year as a whole, this mantra really helped me avoid a lot of unnecessary stress.

When something unplanned occurred or a plan went off the rails I would repeat this to myself to keep the stress at bay.

It’s definitely something I have to repeat to myself now that I have a baby too. Every time I have to redirect based on how he is feeling I repeat to myself, “go with the flow,” and it really helps.

As we go into 2019 I won’t throw this mantra out, I’ll still need to repeat this to myself when things don’t go as I expected.

If you’re a Type A who struggles with the unexpected twists and turns of life, I highly suggest “go with the flow.”

Do you set resolutions, mantras, or intentions?

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