A few years ago I gave up on resolutions and changed to setting a New Year intention. I found it was easier to focus on one thing that would improve my life without putting too much pressure on myself.

I had trouble coming up with my intention for this year. In the past it has tackled my stress and anxiety with mantra’s such as ‘contentment and an open heart’, ‘stress less’, and ‘go with the flow’. I’ve been happy with the progress and I had to think for awhile about what I wanted to focus on in 2019 and it hit me- laugh more!

Those who know me may be thinking ‘but you’re a goofball who laughs all the time’ and that’s true when I’m with others. But I’m not laughing enough when I’m not out with friends. This whole mom gig has made me a bit more serious than I’ve ever been and I need to lighten up a little.

It’s an easy intention, one that I’ll repeat to myself when I get frustrated. When the baby has a blowout on the couch, when the dogs drag things into the backyard, when a kid is nasty to me in school- I’m just going to laugh.

I’m also going to seek out more opportunities to laugh. Listening to funny podcasts, watching new funny shows (not The Office on repeat), and doing fun things with family and friends.

Here’s to a jolly 2019!

What’s your plan for the New Year? Any resolutions or intentions?

4 thoughts on “2019 Intention- Laugh!

    1. Thanks Susan, welcome to the laugh train! I think intentionally laughing off stressful situations will increase joy. Best of luck!

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