Because so much of my year wasn’t recorded, there aren’t a lot of link backs.


This was another big year or me life-wise. As one person left my life, another entered.

I had to quickly enter this in at the last minute because I had an end of year surprise- an early baby!! I’ll write all about it, but Logan was scheduled to be cut out on January 3 and I went into labour at midnight on December 29th and he came three hours later. Yikes!

But this is the best part of my 2019 by far! 

My grandma passed away in May which makes three grandparents in three years. It’s never easy to say goodbye to your loved ones, but the one blessing is that it brought my cousins and I together to celebrate her life.

I actually knew I was pregnant just days after she passed. I was getting up to give Tynan a late night bottle and I was struck with the strongest though “I’m pregnant.” Of course, I wasn’t ready to have another baby and the calendar told me that it would be another week before a test would even show anything.

I waited that week and took a test- yup pregnant. This really threw my life upside down because my career plans, summer activities, and everything in general changed to accommodate this new life joining our family. 

Health & Fitness

My pregnancy shook my entire life including my health & fitness.

In January, I worked with a nutritional consultant to help me lose that stubborn last 10 pounds of baby weight. 

I also began marathon training in January. For five months, I stuck to a running schedule and either hit the treadmill, slogged through snow, or pushed through winds to get in my miles.

It wasn’t meant to be though because I found out I was pregnant two weeks before my race. It may have been fine, but my doctor cautioned me against it as I have never run that distance before, it was a summer race and the risk of overheating was something to consider. In the end, I decided it wasn’t worth any risks.

After this, I’ll be honest- fitness wasn’t a priority. I was so unbelievably sick the first several months of my pregnancy that it took everything I had mentally and physically to get through the basics of my day, work and take care of Tynan. It’s been a very inactive year.

Outdoor Adventures 

The highlight of my year was learning to ski at Pass Powderkeg! I signed up for their Learn to Turn program and had our lessons which really helped me pick up the skill faster and be more confident. You can read recaps of my lessons here:

I did make it out for a day of snowshoeing with Rachelle where I finally got to the lake I’ve wanted to see, only for it to be completely snow covered. Whoops!

We also got in a couple camping trips where I learned Tynan is a born camper!


This season did not go as I wanted in any sort of way. It started off with a disastrous hike when I was 10 weeks pregnant. You can read the whole story, but I wasn’t able to finish the hike and we had to have Parks Canada come rescue us. I was so embarrassed by this, that I avoided hiking this season. I did get in one more which I have yet to summarize.


We didn’t go away many places this year. I had a bit of a spring break in Washington, hit Idaho Falls for a family reunion, and spent two weeks in Washington visiting family.


Tynan was and likely will be the highlight of every year! He turned one this year and we celebrated with a big “Dreams Come True’ themed party. I dressed him as Prince Charming and wore a Cinderella-esque outfit to match him, because I’m crazy.

As challenging as this year has been for me physically and mentally, seeing this face every day makes everything worth while.

I now look to 2020 with a lot of apprehension! What will life with two babies be like? Will this baby be as chill as Tynan or a lot of work? What will my year look like? So many unknowns!

What was the highlight of your 2019?

What are you looking forward to in 2020?

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