Last weekend the forecast called for high 20s and the mountains were calling! I was more than happy to borrow my Aunt’s camper van and hit the road to Waterton with the two boys for a weekend of outdoor play and sunshine.


This was my first time camping in the Waterton camp site. They are small sites with no privacy so I didn’t see much appeal—until babies that is. Camping in Waterton is amazing when you have young kids! The lake is right there and the boys spent HOURS throwing rocks into the water, picking up sticks, and running/crawling into the cold water.

What made it even better was that we were two blocks from the core of Waterton town site. We walked into town for coffee, to play at the playground, to get a treat at Welch’s Candy Shop.

A few things to note if you are considering camping in Waterton:

  • Book ahead of time! They have an online booking system that even shows you pictures of each site
  • You need to have a Parks Pass or pay parks admissions to get in
  • They don’t have fire pits
  • They above enforced quiet hours of 10 pm-7 am (HEAVEN for a mom with littles)

I don’t often do fires when I camp alone with the boys because it’s scary to watch both around that hazard, and we go to bed before it’s dark anyway.

And you can’t beat the views you get to wake up to!


On our second day the boys and I walked from the campsite to the nearest hiking trail, Bertha Trail. I knew that I didn’t want to attempt to make it to the lower falls or even to the lookout because I only had one child carrier and Ty is a hefty 3 year old. I had to make sure that we only did as much as he could handle.

We hiked up a short ways to my favourite spring waterfall. Ty took his shoes off and we all spent a lot of time playing in the water.

He wanted to hike a little more so up we went. He didn’t want to put his shoes back on so he went barefoot. I don’t know what it is about this trail but he likes to do it barefoot. (Remember last year? No shoes AND no pants!)


On our last day we met up with my stepson Ace and his mom to explore Red Rock Canyon. I’ve never been up this early in the season and the water was too high to go down and explore it which was a bummer.

Instead we walked the canyon rim trail (which I’ve actually never done before) to the bridge which is closed off.

I never hit Red Rock without doing the short 1km hike to Blakiston Falls. It was sure slow going with Tynan. He insisted on being carried at one point which I find so funny because this hike is so much easier than Bertha.

Before we left, we had to make a river stop so the boys could throw rocks. Logan is on the rock throwing train which I find so cute! My two boys and I, throwing rocks for life. 😊


I definitely plan on going back with the boys and camping in Waterton again. I clocked 8 miles a day walking/hiking with them and we all came back sun kissed, tired, and happy.

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