I love to follow inspiring people and when I became pregnant, finding moms who inspire me to be my best self was important. And since I love helping others find inspiration I’m sharing just a few of my favourites.

Inspirational moms to follow

Gabby Reece

I followed Gabby long before I was pregnant. I was so inspired by her and her husband Laird Hamilton’s dedication to healthy living. Have you read her book My Foot is Too Big for the Glass Slipper? I was obsessed! It was such raw and authentic peek into her life and marriage and I took away some great lessons from it.  

Gabby is a no B.S., straight talker, which you can experience in her podcast The Truth Barrel. She stopped podcasting about a year ago which is a shame, because I love listening to her insights.

Gabby has a back log of great blog posts on topics such as;  

  Want your husband to find inspiration? Send them to Laird’s website.

Belinda Norton

I found Belinda on Instagram when I was pregnant and she is the ultimate inspirational mom! I knew I would be returning to work soon after having Ty and I wanted to find fit, working mothers who could offer some inspiration and useful tips. Enter Belinda, the full time teacher with two kids. I devoured her blog B.Livewear as Belinda talks about how to be your fittest self while balancing work and family responsibilities. It is not easy, but she does it with a smile!  

One thing that she swears by that I will do for three of our four seasons, is get up extra early to do a 30 minute walk as a family. As I write this, it’s -30C in the mornings and I don’t have a protected stroller for Ty so that’s out for a bit. But it’s such an easy way to get in a little time with your kiddos and start your day off with a little easy exercise.  

Belinda swears by short, HIIT workouts to be your fittest which is super convenient for working moms who don’t have the time to put hours into the gym.  She also eats the way I like to eat, 5-6 small meals a day. She says to keep your meals the size of two fists which is an easy way to measure if you’re overeating or not. I know everyone swears by intermittent fasting right now, but it’s just not for me. It’s nice to have someone who eats the way I prefer to eat; and have you seen her abs?  

Some of my favourite posts of hers include:

She also has a new book coming out in the spring, FitMama which I’ll be ordering!

Heather Balogh Rochfort

I think all outdoor chicks worry about how their lives will change after becoming moms. I was super stoked when Heather Balogh Rockfort of Just a Colordo Gal had a baby shortly before I did. I’ve followed Heather and her adventures for years and she has been showing us how to adjust your adventures to include your little one.

I was super inspired when she and her husband took their baby on a canoe trip. Her daughter was staying in tents before she was a year old!

At the same time, Heather is very open about how she has scaled down her adventures to make them doable for her daughter.

Check out her Instagram!

Some of my favourite posts include:

Katrina Scott

I’ve been following Katrina and Karena of Tone it Up for several years now. It started off with wanting to look at beaches while I tried to do at home workouts inside on a cold day. And then I fell in love with their energy and positivity, it shines through their pictures and videos on the Tone it Up website, and Instagram.

When Katrina announced she was pregnant right after I had Ty, I couldn’t wait to be able to follow along and get tips from her for losing the baby weight and getting back into shape after baby. Surprisingly, she didn’t turn into a workout/healthy eating machine right after her daughter, in fact she did kind of the opposite. She shared real photos of her post baby body and talked about how she wasn’t going to feel pressure to “bounce back” right away. She worked out in a sports bra and leggings with her mummy tummy showing proudly. It wasn’t what I expected, but it was what I needed. I had been feeling pretty bad about how long it took me to lose the baby weight. Especially when I was watching women who had their kids in the spring like me rocking bikinis over the summer (I was NOT in bikini shape at all).   Katrina’s inspirational words to love and appreciate my body were so nice to hear.  

Some of great Tone it Up posts include:

These are just four of the many inspiring mama’s I follow, I think I’m due a follow up post with amazing local mama’s killing it!

Who inspires you? Anyone awesome I should follow?

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