I tried my first meal kit service last year during lockdowns. This was a big deal for me because I am a terrible cook and hate being in the kitchen, but I wound up loving it! I now order a box 2-3 times a month and actually look forward to cooking. I figured I would share reasons to try a meal kit delivery service for anyone who is thinking of trying it.

New Recipes

This is my number reason I keep ordering meals. Before these kits we had the same recipes on repeat; spaghetti, tacos, meatloaf, stew. One meal a week would be one of these four recipes.

With a meal kit I’m making a ton of new recipes. My favourites are the Asian-inspired dishes while Ryan loves anything that features pork.

Saves Food Waste

How often do you wind up throwing produce away because you didn’t cook it before it goes bad? I’ve gotten much better at shopping smartly, but I find I still toss a lot of fresh herbs because they go bad before I use a whole bunch up.

When you order a meal kit, you get exactly the amount of ingredients you need. This saves you money because you aren’t buying a huge jar of vinegar when you only need a tablespoon or 5 pound bag of carrots when you only need two.

Saves Money

By saving you from wasting food, you’re saving a lot of money.

Meal kits also save you money because the meals are cheaper than eating out. I know Goodfood meals are typically $12-$14 a serving, meaning we get a delicious dinner for two for about $25.

No Dine In Restrictions

These meal kits were awesome during restaurant closures but they’re still great now. With many restaurants still having to impose restrictions on diners, a meal kit is a great way to avoid going out and dealing with any of it.

How to Pick a Meal Kit

There are a lot of meal kit companies in Canada so how do you pick?

There is a website called Mealkitscanada.ca that provides everything you need to know to choose a meal kit including pricing info and comparisons, researched reviews, current coupons/promotions, and which kits are available in which provinces. I had no idea there were so many meal kit services!

I’ll use them to keep up to date on promotions and try out different meal kits when they’re on special.

Last Piece of Advice

My final piece of advice is to enjoy a glass of wine while you cook (if you drink). I find myself looking forward to meal preparation time now because I sip a glass of red while I chop and cook and prepare. It makes for a very calming end of the day.

Are you a meal kit chef?

Which do you prefer?

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