I don’t know about you, but I LOVE following fashion bloggers! Their perfect hair paired with cute and casual styled outfits provide so much inspiration. I wish I could be like these women, but I am not cut out for the fashion game. Today I’m sharing five reasons I can never be a fashion blogger.

I’ve always had a very unique sense of style. I remember as a child, I rocked a beret like a French woman. I’ve been blessed with this ability to not care what people say or think of me and it has affected my style for the worse. Ha ha!

Through Grade 6-9, I just wanted to fit in and I rocked baggy pants and t-shirts like the rest of the grungy folks. But in Grade 10, we moved to Seattle and I decided this was my time to take control of my style. I wore a silk skirt and saddle shoes, yes, like what Rory Gilmore wore to Chilton, except mine was voluntarily.

Fast forward to today and my style is still a work in progress.

I love following fashion bloggers though! They inspire me, keep me up to date on the latest trends, and are just so nice to look at. Some of my favourite fashion/lifestyle bloggers (who you should check out) include:

Southern Curls & Pearls

Medicine & Manicures

Olivia Rink

The Skinny Confidential 

Rachel Parcell

Veronkia’s Blushing

But I know I couldn’t join these ladies and here are five reasons why…..

I Can’t Afford Anything New(or very nice)

I”m currently on maternity leave and before that I was working part time as a substitute teacher. Sponsored posts help me supplement my income a little, but Value Village & Marshall’s are my bestest friends. This means I can piece together passable outfits, but the new and trendy stuff won’t be there. I won’t find over the knee boots, shoulder cut out shirts, or over the shoulder chunky sweaters for another couple years when they go completely out of style.

That blue dress in the feature image? I bought it from Value Village in Seattle for $8 in 2008 and I still wear it! Ha ha!

I know fashion bloggers get free stuff from companies and affiliate commissions but they must still be spending A LOT of money on clothes and accessories.

Got this dress at Value Village for $12!

Accessorizing is SO not my thing!

Let’s talk about accessorizing shall we? I have no clue how to pair necklaces and earring with my outfits. Not only that, but I’m so absent minded I tend to break or lose everything. Because of this, I never buy anything nice jewellery wise. I stick to Ardene’s or clearance stuff at Old Navy. Even then, I have no idea how to pair anything together.

I tend to keep it safe with a pair of faux diamond or pearl studs and my wedding rings.

I am hopeless at hair and makeup

My sister Laura is a genius at hair and make up. But when she was a pre-teen and teen she would spend her spare time testing out hairstyles and make up trends just for fun! It would be a Saturday night at home and she would get all dolled up to go nowhere but learn how to apply the skills. Genius!

Me on the other hand, I’ve always been annoyed with my hair and trying to do make up, so even at 35 I do as little as possible.

Remember the time I bought false eyelashes and they were SO BIG I looked like a drag queen? Ha ha!

When I’m back at work I plan to do as much work as possible to make my routine easy in the morning, tattooed make up, micro bladed eyebrows, false eyelashes.  In the meantime, I’ll do what I can!

Fluorescent Lighting and Auto Timer Photos are Not Flattering

As a teacher, I like to keep my wardrobe business casual and comfortable. While it is possible to be fashionable and teach, the school’s fluorescent lighting and auto timer pics would not make for great blog photos.


This is the biggest reason I could never be a fashion blogger. I can’t pose model-esque like so many of my favourite bloggers. If I’m not striking a silly pose, or laughing, my photos are awkward. And even worse? I love when they’re awkward! I find them so funny! But they don’t exactly sell the clothing I’m wearing.

I will continue to follow these beautiful women and be inspired by their hair and make up and how great they look, and just maybe it will help me step it up. A little.

Who are your favourite fashion bloggers?

Could you see yourself as a fashion blogger?

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