New year, new decade, new you! Sound familiar? Normally, I love the chance to set a new intention for the year but this year my intent is just to survive. Ha ha! But I figured I would share these 7 Easy Ways to A Healthier You in 2020.

But the most common New Year’s Resolution people set is to get in shape or get healthier. The gym is packed during the month of January as people jump start their new lifestyles. Sadly, they go too hard too fast and can’t stick with it. Those gyms go back to normal around mid-February.

Instead of going all out, why not try these super simple changes.

1. Drink Black Coffee

This is such a quick swap and can save you a ton of extra calories! Did you know the very popular Timmy’s double double has 230 calories compared to 8 in a cup of black coffee? One sweetened drink a day may not be bad, but if you drink more than one cup, it’s best to stick to black.

Hate the taste of black coffee? Start slow! First, cut out the sugar and just have cream. Once you’re used to that, cut the amount of cream or swap it out or almond milk. You don’t have to make the swap at once, just begin work on it.

2. Throw Greens In You Smoothies

Keep a bag of baby spinach in your freezer, that way, anytime you make a smoothie you have fresh, ready to blend greens. Spinach is flavourless and blends so fine you would never know it was in there!

3. Don’t Reward Yourself with Food

This is one I’m still working on but if you can change your mindset on treating yourself, you can make a big difference in your lifestyle.

I found these fitness tips by Active Living advocate Sam Lengren (Instagram @the_healthy_me) on Move Nourish Believe (an amazing wellness site, be sure to check it out!) and this one tip really struck a chord with me:

Don’t reward yourself with food- you’re not a dog!

This made me laugh so hard! It’s so true! From now on whenever I’m down or happy and reaching for the brownie batter or calling for take out, I’m going to repeat to myself that I’m not a dog.

Pasted below are all the tips.

4. Park in the Back

My mom taught me this one. Growing up she always parked way in the back of a store or parking lot so that she didn’t have to deal with congestion.

I do this EVERYWHERE. When I worked an office job I did the math, and parking in the back made me walk an extra 20 metres a day. I would go to the gym at lunch and do that walk four times a day which added up to about 11 miles a year!

When I go to the mall, movies, anywhere, I always park in the back. It avoids crowds and it gives me a little extra activity every day.

5. Sports Aren’t Just for Kids

We turn our lives upside down to accommodate our children’s sports schedules because we see the benefits for them, and yet, how many of us are enrolled in an organized sport?

The gym is great but competing pushes you in a way that your personal routine just won’t do. A lot of people avoid team sports as adults because they are afraid to try something new, but everyone starts off inexperienced at some point .

Some sports that offer adult teams/classes include:

  • Softball
  • Indoor Volleyball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Curling
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Roller Derby
  • Figure Skating
  • Tennis
  • Water Polo
  • Swimming
  • Dragon boat

Don’t settle for a blah treadmill routine, join a club or team and relive the good old days of being young! You’ll be getting fit without even noticing because of the fun you’ll be having!

6. Don’t Eat at Lunch

Now this tip only works if you have a full hour for lunch and flexibility around your schedule. As a teacher, this is no longer an option for me. Lunch hour is a great way to squeeze in a 30 minute workout or activity break.

I suggest checking out my post “Don’t Eat at Lunch” that shares seven ways you can turn your lunch hour into an active hour instead.

7. Invest Money in Your Goal

When I made up my mind to start snowboarding I went to the sports store and invested $500 in the equipment. When I decided I wanted to run a marathon, I immediately found one and registered the $100-something  race fee. I find when I spend my hard earned dollars on something, I’m more likely to stick with it. Want to get into cycling, buy a bike! Want to learn to ski, sign up and pre-pay for a lesson!

So there you have it! 7 Easy Ways to A Healthier You in 2020– no gym membership required, unless you want it!

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