Groceries in Canada are ridiculously expensive! The fact that I pay more than $5 for a gallon of milk is insane. It would be easy to stock up on cheap frozen pizzas, Ramen noodles, and burritos but healthy eating is important to me. I figured it would be fun to share 7 ways I save money on healthy eating.

There are a few popular tips that you won’t see on this list, such as buying in bulk. When I see articles on how to save money on healthy groceries, buying in bulk is always the number one tip which is great if you have storage space. I do not have much storage space so bulk shopping isn’t an option.

Another good tip that I don’t follow is meal prep. I have done it in the past when I did a nutrition challenge, but I hate being in the kitchen and meal prep is way too much work. I like the planning aspect of it though which brings me to Tip #1:

1.) Meal planning

There is absolutely no getting around it, you need to plan ahead. Now that I’m home all day, I plan all three of my meals and all three of my snacks prior to going grocery shopping. That way you can make a detailed shopping list.

2.) Naturally Imperfect produce

I’m a loyal Superstore shopper. I like their large selection of gluten and dairy free foods, their points program saves me a ton of money, and they have their own line of cheaper produce called Naturally Imperfect. It’s perfectly good produce that doesn’t meet industry standards for looks.

This is a great way to save money on fresh produce!

3.) Romaine lettuce lasts longer

I have tried all kinds of ways to save money on salads because man does lettuce ever wilt quickly. The exception is romaine lettuce. I will buy a pack of six heads of lettuce and they will last for up to two weeks in the fridge! It’s not as nutritionally dense but if you’re trying to stretch your budget, they’re a great option.

4.) Make a lettuce bouquet

If you really want some green lettuce and are trying to keep it fresh longer, but it upright in a container of water in your fridge like a bouquet! This genius tip really works, your lettuce will even grow mini leaves in the centre.

Picture Credit: Food Hacks

5.) Freeze Bags of Spinach

I always have a bag of baby spinach in my freezer and I use it to put spinach in everything! I’ll throw it in smoothies, eggs, lasagnas, soups. Sometimes I’ll just cook it in a skillet in olive oil.

6.) Freeze celery & herbs 

IU love to make Grandma’s stew and celery and herbs are a staple. If I have some in the fridge that I know is going to turn before I can get to it, I’ll chop it up and freeze it in a baggie to throw into my soup. The texture doesn’t change at all and the flavour is all still there.

7) Ground Turkey

We’re actually trying to cut down our meat consumption for health reasons, but also for environmental and money reason too. But if you have to have meat, ground turkey is a great way to go. It’s much leaner than beef and also costs less.

These are a few ways I’m reducing food waste and saving money on healthy food.

How do you save money on healthy eating? Please share in the comments! I really want to know. 

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