While Saturday, March 19 wound up being a very hard and sad day the morning of was absolutely wonderful. I finally was able to see Cameron Lake in the winter without cloud cover! Any time I have gone there has been low cloud cover or it’s been snowing so I never got a clear day on the lake until this trip.

In Waterton Lakes National Park they close down a portion of the Cameron Lake road and maintain tracks for cross country skiing or snow shoeing to the lake.

My friend Rachelle and I went not knowing what to expect weather wise. She only had runners so we knew if the snow wasn’t packed down that we would have to find another hike. But luckily it was packed down well and we had a pretty easy go of it to the lake.

The views were stunning and we were having a hard time capturing how gorgeous it was out there and I showed Rachelle my bloggers tricks to setting up your camera and utilizing the timer.

It was such a warm day that Rachelle and I sat in the sun chatting and snacking on Larabars for 45 minutes and it was so warm it felt like summer (with all our winter stuff on anyway). A little bluebird joined us and I shared a piece of my bar with him.

I didn’t want to go home it was so peaceful and beautiful but all good things must come to an end. Rachelle and I have so many hiking plans this summer I can’t wait!

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