Hey readers! I’ve been pretty absent from writing but life has been changing a bit. First off, trying to write with two babies constantly demanding your attention is tough. Secondly, I am kicking off the school year with a full time temporary position until November. As a sub, September is usually very slow so I was happy to get the gig. But with the sudden change from mat leave to full time (and a 45 minute commute) I’m feeling overwhelmed and trying to adjust to the new normal.


Logan is such an amazing baby! I thought Ty was chill, Logan is even more relaxed (for the most part). He’s almost nine months and has started scooching, trying to communicate, and eats EVERYTHING!

He’s also going through a sleep regression. He was sleeping through the night at 3 months but nos gets up and will not go back to sleep unless rocked to sleep or lying in bed next to me. Which one do you think I opt for with work the next day? We’re creating a bad habit of him sleeping in bed between us.n And because then boys share a room, sleep training will simply wake Ty up. So we’re feeling a little stuck.

Tynan is a high energy toddler and I can’t keep up! He is go! go! go! From the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed he is on the go and demanding. My house is a constant mess that I’ve given up on trying to keep tidy.


You guys, my body is still all out of whack from having Logan. I am dealing with chronic fatigue despite getting full nights of sleep. I can drink a Red Bull at 9am and nap at noon.

I saw a naturopath and did some hormone testing that said my hormone levels were alarmningly low. I’ve been taking supplements for months to no avail.

I just had blood work done and it showed I have internal inflammation but that could be from a myriad of things. Argh! I just ordered The Postnal Depletion Cure hoping to find some tips to help.


I am so happy to be back in a classroom! I LOVE teaching! Working with kids feeds my soul, and this particular job feeds my body too. I’m temporarily teaching high school Foods. Funny considering I don’t cook, but the kids are great at self teaching and I’m learning along the way myself. Like who knew spices could add so much flavour to your food?

It’s a 45 minute commute which is taking a lot out of me but I try to savour those 45 quiet minutes of sipping coffee and listening to podcasts.

The kids love to share their food and I love to eat it which brings me to my next topic of focus…


Yeah, I’m still carrying an extra 30 pounds! 30!! BY this time with Ty I was only had 10 pounds left. But it’s a lot easier to exercise with one baby who naps nicely in his stroller than with a baby and a toddler who refuses to sit still and screams to get put and play.

I’ve been trying to stick to the meal plan laid out in the 6 Month Mommy Makeover I signed up for but I’m struggling. I’m an emotional eater; when I’m tired, stressed, sad, or anything negative I reach for the comfort of food.

Being a working mom with two littles is very tiring and stressful so I’m eating a lot of bad foods. I start every day with the mindset that it’s a new day and I can get back on track but inevitably end it stuffing my face.

In terms of fitness, I have been on one run since the baby was born. The advice I keep getting is to wake up early and work out in the mornings. But I wake up at 5:30 to get ready for work and can’t imagine getting up at 4:30!


I remember how overwhelming and impossible it felt to balance life when I went back to work after Tynan. I know that over the coming months we’ll find our groove and adjust to our new life.

In the meantime I’m feeling pretty all over the place and exhausted. I’m taking it one day at a time, and have just splurged on a cleaning lady to come in this week and deep clean my house.


How’s life been for you? 

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