I have been a little MIA these past few weeks and that was a combination of me being sulky over my injury and having family visiting.

Last Monday, we headed off to Waterton for some mountain fun, though it wasn’t quite what we expected. We woke up to an extremely smoky Magrath due to the fires in eastern Washington. I figured that we were going to Cameron Lake and the higher we went the cleaner the air would be, but boy was I wrong!

The mountains were barely visible in the smoke, but we opted to go anyway. My brother Bruce and his wife Lauren went in one canoe and my mom, sister, and I went in another.

Our canoe was a disaster! My mom is very fit and strong and we stuck her in the front so she was out paddling me. Laura was pretty much dead weight in the middle of the canoe and whenever she tried to paddle, she would splash my mom. So we zigged and zagged and kept paddling in circles.

I couldn’t stop laughing! It was so smoky, that my throat dried out but I kept laughing and laughing.

Bruce and Lauren had a much better time of it.

After canoeing, we headed down to the Waterton townsite for tacos and The Taco Bar and ice cream at Big Scoop.

Everyone had scratchy throats and headaches but we still decided to push through it and hit red rock canyon. My foot has been healing great, but we weren’t able to walk through the whole canyon, we went down a short ways and took a few photos and left.

I always have fun with my family and I always have fun in Waterton but man that smoke was uncomfortable!!

0 thoughts on “A Smoky Day in Waterton

  1. Thank goodness the smoke has finally cleared. It was SO BAD in Kananaskis last week – especially at the higher elevations. Pretty sure my lungs were bleeding.

    I really miss Waterton – I’m hoping I can make it down soon to visit. 🙂

    1. The smoke was killer! I hid indoors until it finally blew away. let me know if you ever make it down south! 🙂

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