Seven years ago, a storm that wasn’t in the forecast rolled in and our wedding day was like the inside of a snow globe. That’s what happens when you’re in Waterton, the weather is probably more unpredictable than anywhere else.

Ryan and I go to Waterton every year to celebrate our anniversary. Before babies we would spend the weekend, or now, we go for a day trip.

This year we went to Vimy’s for lunch. I brought along my Lactade pulls and enjoyed a french onion soup and a spicy bison burger. By the way, jalepenos on my burgers are now my favourite things ever!

I’m still not cleared for exercise so hiking, snow shoeing, or cross country skiing were out. That’s ok, the winds were strong and dropped the temperatures to -18C.

We stopped at Cameron Falls for a quick photo op and then headed to Linnet Lake.

I figured we could walk around the lake, but the wind blown snow completely covered the trail. Instead, we took a quick self timed photo and headed back to our babies.

It wasn’t the big adventure we usually have, but I think our anniversary will be low key like this for the next few years.

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