March! I don’t know if it’s the ‘spring forward’ Daylight Savings or that Easter and spring break is fast approaching but our thoughts turn to spring. However, if you live in Canada you know that March is hardly spring, especially in the Rockies. Don’t let that last month or so of snow stop you from getting out and enjoying the mountains. asked me to share some active things to do in Banff (see more on Banff here) and I wanted to share activities that weren’t downhill skiing or snowboarding. Banff has three different ski hills but if you aren’t a skier don’t write off this amazing place. There are so many fun and active ways to get out in the winter in Banff and you’ll make amazing memories and get some killer pics for Instagram. 😉

Hike! Anyone who knows me knows that hiking is my favourite mountain activity. It can be done in all weather, it doesn’t take a lot of equipment and you get to see so many fun things. One hike that a lot of my fellow Alberta Adventure Girls love to do in the snow is Johnson Canyon and I have it on my bucket list to hit.

Ice Skating- Ice skating on Lake Louise was one of the most amazing moments I’ve had. The mountain views are breathtaking and it’s such a fun activity to do in cold weather. Even better? The hotel is right there with hot coffee or a glass of wine to warm you up afterward. And if you don’t want to do the additional 20 minute drive from Banff to Lake Louise there is an outdoor community rink right off main street in downtown Banff.

Cross Country Skiing– Again, in March you never know what to expect weather wise but if the snow is still there be sure to rent some cross country skis and hit the trails! Cross country skiing is so easy and I know some people are hesitant to try it (especially if they had a disastrous downhill experience) but cross country skiing does not require too much skill, you don’t need to be in killer shape, it really is fun and easy. I love when I get into a groove and start gliding along enjoying the fresh mountain air.

Snow Shoeing– Snow shoeing is another great winter sport that doesn’t take any technical skill, it’s basically modified walking. I always tell people that snow shoeing makes your bum sore because you really have to pick up your feet and it’s a cardio workout

Hot Springs– Okay so maybe relaxing in the Banff Hot Springs isn’t active but it’s such a great way to wrap up a chilly day out in the mountains. And the best part? For $1.90 you can rent one of their vintage swimsuits which I think make anyone look good.

So though it’s not time to pull out your flip flops and swimsuit just yet, don’t let Spring snow keep you indoors. Go ahead and book that weekend in Banff and have an amazing adventure. Because life isn’t worth living without adventure.

Extra Tip- Just bundle up! SO many people tell me that they aren’t “winter people” and they hate going out in the cold but you can get out in almost all weather if you’re dressed warm enough.

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