Yesterday I took Apollo on his first hike in Waterton. Because he is only about 8 weeks old I chose to hike the Wishbone Trail because it’s flat with gorgeous views.

To get to Wishbone you have to turn onto Highway 6 before the Park Entrance as if you are going to the Chief Mountain Border Crossing. About 400 metres in from that turn to your right is the Wishbone trailhead.

The trail weaves in and out of the trees and plains which made for a beautiful fall hike. Apollo stuck right to my heels the whole time.

About two miles in we came to Upper Waterton Lake and a gorgeous sandy beach. Rocky of course headed straight for the water.

Not a bad place to play
Not a bad place to play

While Apollo enjoyed the sand.

photo 4

I’ll come back to this beach with the kids because we would have it all to ourselves.

I wanted to hike in all the way to the base of Mt. Vimy but I was worried about Apollo getting tired. Every time I tried to carry him he would squirm until I put him down.

On the way back he kept looking up at me and smiling which was so cute! I haven’t really warmed up to him until then. Watching this little pup troop along the trail and enjoy himself so much showed me that he was meant to my dog.

He kept looking up at me smiling
He kept looking up at me smiling

In the end, we did 4 miles in about 1:40 (that counts playing on the beach for a while).

He of course passed out and slept the whole way home but was surprisingly his hyper playful self after he got home and ate.

Here are a few more photos from the hike:

Me and my boys!
Me and my boys!


photo 3


photo 5


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