As someone so interested in health I’m surprised I never learned more about water. Water is the most important resource on the planet and nutrient in our bodies. The earth is 70% water and human beings are about 60% water. I feel it’s no coincidence that these two numbers are so close, it makes sense that our bodies would reflect our earth.

I’ve always drank a lot of water. As an athlete I made it a priority to drink 3-4 litres a day during the running season. As an adult who is much less active, I still shoot for 3 litres a day. But I never thought about the type of water I drank. I usually drink tap water, I’ve heard rumblings about treatment chemicals but trusted our government to keep the levels low. Woke Rachel is learning that you don’t mindlessly trust the government anymore.

It wasn’t until I watched Zac Efron’s documentary on Netflix, Down to Earth, that my mind was blown how important the right water is! They talked about how high the levels of chlorine were in tap water and I thought “Ok. I’ll switch to bottled water.” But then I learned that purified or distilled water strips out all the natural minerals and mineral-less water will take those minerals from your body as it passes through! My mind was blown!

They also talked about how Paris is using filters, UV lights and oxygen to purify their water which creates safe, mineral water without any chemicals. Without that available here, I began to look for different solutions.


This was the easiest and instant change I could make. It’s not mineral water but at least a few of the chemicals are being filtered out (I hope). This was an immediate solution while I look for something better.

I fill baby bottles with it, make ice cubes with it, any water for human consumption passes through this filter first.


There are technologies such as Santevia that filter tap water contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and microplastics. Then it adds natural elements such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and hydrogen. It also shifts the pH of the water up and boosts its alkalinity.

This is the one I think is the best for our family long term and I’m on the hunt for one.


This was the first thing I began looking at. I knew you can buy Evian, Fiji, and other bottled spring waters but that is not cost effective and plastic isn’t always recycled.

Living so close to the mountains, I figured there has to be a natural spring somewhere that was safe to consume and I began an internet search. A website called offers maps of natural springs all over the world! Unfortunately the closest documented spring to me is three hours away. Unless I want to drive with a trunk full of enormous water bottles, which seems a little crazy to me, I needed to find something else.


This is not sponsored in any way. I found North Water while searching for naturally sourced spring water in my area so I didn’t need to purchase water from other countries.

North Water sources glacial water from secluded Alberta Rocky Mountain springs, which means it’s infused with alkalinity and healthy minerals. It’s distributed and manufactured out of Calgary, making it the ultimate local water company!

For those of you who were fascinated that water has different flavours depending on their Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) North Water has a TDS of 155mg/L which gives their water a subtle but refreshing minerality that is smooth and delicious!

Besides being healthy and local, North Water is also environmentally conscious using 100% recyclable aluminum bottles.


This post has been a brief skim of the surface to bring awareness to fact that the water you drink is so important to your health! I’m looking for reliable resources to learn more on this topic and would love recommendations of studies, books, and websites with more info!

Did you know that we need mineral infused water?

Where do you get your drinking water?


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