One of my top goals for my son is that he grows up to love the outdoors as much as I do. Years before I even had him, I’ve been reading articles and blog posts about how to make hiking fun for your little ones so they enjoy hitting the trails with you. When my friend Rachelle invited us to join her and her children on a day trip to Waterton, I jumped at the chance to enjoy the warm weather and take TyTy to my favourite place.

It’s definitely a very different kind of adventure with babies/little kids. Much more simple. We started off with a stop at Cameron Falls where I got the first of many photos of us together in front of the falls.

I suggested Rachelle and I take the kids and walk up the hill to the upper observation deck. Of course, just then, TyTy started to fuss so I opted to sit in the car and feed him while Rachelle and her kids “hiked” up.  I cracked open the door and enjoyed the fresh air and the views but thought that this was going to be life for the next little bit.

After they finished, we hit Vimy’s for lunch where I enjoyed a bison burger on gluten free bread. YUM! Vimy’s was hopping, in fact, Waterton was super busy because everyone was so happy to finally get out into the warmth after this brutal winter.

After lunch, we walked through downtown to see which stores were open (Akamina Gifts- everything else was still closed) and then hit the lake.

There is nothing like kids to show you the joy in the simple things. Rachelle’s kids had a blast throwing rocks into the lake, collecting them in her purse, and throwing rocks at a boulder sticking out of the water. We sat and watched the ice flowing on the water, sporadically falling into the water. Of course, my little man was hungry again so I busted out the nursing cape and let him feed. The wind really picked up so I had fun trying to hold things down and keep his head covered so he didn’t get cold.

Just as he was finishing up, a busload of foreign exchange students came onto the beach. They were about middle school age and we were surrounded and I awkwardly tried to put everything away without flashing these young children. Ha ha!

After the lake, the boys were tired and TyTy was sleeping away so we meandered back to the car to head home. Definitely not my usual kind of mountain adventure but a fun and relaxing day just the same.

Cat and I are going to start doing ‘Mountain Mondays’ where we’ll take our kids out and do an adventure every Monday. We’ll go on easy hikes, picnic by alpine lakes, or any other easy adventure to have fun and get our kids outside.


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