I was pleasantly surprised on Canada Day when a friend posted a picture of his family at the top of Bear’s Hump. Parks Canada had done a stealthy reopen of the very popular Waterton hike after it’s been closed for two years from the Kenow Fire. Naturally, I wanted to check out the hike right away and on July 3rd, a group of friends and I headed up the short but steep hike with our kiddos.


Everyone has asked the same question; “Is the trail different than it was before?” YES! They replaced the wood beams/steps with stone which is a nice touch. But the biggest difference is that the trail is no longer packed dirt, it has a thin layer of grey shale on it now. The shale is very slippery and Ty was tripping like crazy walking up in his sneakers. It also made it difficult for going down. I side stepped a lot, and with Tynan on my front it made me nervous.

Like Bertha, the fire burned all the trees so there is no shade on the hike.

My advice: wear shoes with a good grip!


Bear’s Hump is a short but steep hike with a killer view. Ty did a great job on his way up, he only needed to be carried at the last steep push to the top.

I struggled on this one again! I thought after surviving Table Mountain that my body was ready for anything but I found myself yet again DYING!

Hiking with littles isn’t easy. I had Logi on the front and was constantly encouraging Ty and helping him every time he slipped and fell (which was often on the shale).

When Tynan needed to be carried, I slapped him on my back and slowly started going up. But I couldn’t do it. My body was done and there was no way I was hauling myself and those two up on my own.

That’s why you hike with good friends! Paula took Logi for me so I only had to schlepp up that last bit with Ty.


Did it ever feel good to hit the top! But this was my first time with the boys at Bear’s Hump and I didn’t realize how scary that is for a mom! I was so nervous about Ty falling off the edge that I wouldn’t let him go the entire time we were up there. So much for my ideals of being a totally “chill, outdoor mom.” Ha!

As we snacked and enjoyed a much needed rest, a large bald eagle flew over us which was really cool to see.


We ended the day with a long stay on the beach so the kids could throw rocks and swim. Tynan could seriously spend an entire day tossing rocks into water, it’s his favourite past time.

There was group of wind surfers taking advantage of Waterton wind and it made me want to slap on a wetsuit and give it a try.

I think I’m going to wait until I’m in slightly better shape before doing Bear’s Hump again, but I’m so glad this iconic hike is reopened!

Have you been up since it opened?

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