This has been my most memorable adventure with my kids yet. I mean, how many moms can say their two year old hiked 2.6 km all on his own? Let alone, hiked half of that with no pants and in socks! Cat and I picked a sunny and hot day to head to Bertha Falls with our kids.

She and I are trying to make sure we do one adventure with our kids every week this summer and it’s been perfect motivation to get me to plan and put in the work to get outdoors. This has also been so great because my step kids are coming with and it’s been a great family bonding experience.

That morning was a lesson learned in adventuring with kids. It took me almost three hours to get everything together! Now I get almost everything packed and ready the night before.

We started off, Tynan with his adorable Timberland hiking boots ($10 at a thrift store) and backpack. He ditched the backpack pretty quickly and did his best to keep up with the older kids.

I love going with Cat because she and I both like to take it slow and let our kids stop whenever they feel like it. We played in a small waterfall and climbed beside it, looked at bugs, and climbed on patches of snow.

No Shoes, No Pants, No Problem

Right before the halfway mark Tynan had a potty accident. I was prepare with extra shorts but once I took his shoes and pants off, he refused to put them back on and off he went! I figured after a couple steps his feet would hurt and he would want to at least put his boots on, but he continued on the rest of the way that way.

Because the falls were crowded that day we found a spot a little way down the creek to rest and play. The water was VERY high, I’ve never seen the creek running like that full.

I love taking my kids outside but it’s mentally exhausting. I was on constant alert making sure Logan was in the shade and happy, and that Ty wasn’t going off into the water on his own.

The Bertha bridge is washed out and we weren’t able to go across it for a good view of the falls. As we started to leave, Tynan had a melt down. He didn’t want to leave, he wanted to go on the bridge. Try to explain to a toddler that a washed out bridge is dangerous.

Ace helped me buckle him onto my back in his carrier, kicking and screaming. He continued his tantrum for probably another five minutes or so before he fell asleep.

We hustled back because I wanted to get back to the car before Ty woke up and continued his tantrum.

As I said before, this is one of the more memorable adventures we’ve had. And anytime spent outside is a good day!


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