Before the road reopened to vehicles, Cat and I attempedt biking Red Rock Canyon Parkway with kids. It was VERY optimistically that we thought we make it to Red Rock Canyon. LOL! My legs and kids had other ideas.

Parking was at the creekside and started the ride off going uphill. I opted to walk my bike/child trailer up and Tynan asked to walk up. I figured that would lighten my load and help tire him out. But when we got to the top he refused to get back into the trailer. He kept saying “No, I need walk.”

So it was VERY slow going as we made our way along the road. That’s what’s so nice about the parkway being closed, we had a wide berth for other bikers to pass by.

Those electric bikes flew by us and I found myself wishing we had something like that to help us up the hills.

I finally forced Tynan into the trailer when we hit our first down hill. We went so fast it was fun and scary at the same time! I know Kevin, a new bicyclist was nervous going down some of those hills.

We stopped for a snack/water break in an open meadow and let the kids play and explore.

The little kids were tired, I was getting tired, and I had a feeling we were still quite a ways away from the canyon. We biked a little further up and realized that there was still something like 17km to go. My legs were already dead and we agreed that this wouldn’t be the day we made it.

What was even funnier is that it only took us 6 minutes to get back to the parking area! It took us almost an hour to get 3 km out. Ha ha!

We capped the adventure off playing by the creek, throwing rocks is a must-do activity for Tynan.

This is what adventuring with kids looks like. You have to let go of your expectations, and definitely let go of the destination and enjoy the journey.

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