I did it! I made it through the whole month of June following the Bikini Ready Challenge! I celebrated a month well done on July 1st with a slurpy, bag of candy, and four (yes FOUR) helpings of chilli for supper. Ha ha ha! With that little binge out of the way I’m ready to get back on track and incorporate the lessons I learned into everday life.

I plan to stick with a lot of lessons learned during this month including:

  • The bloat banisher in the mornings is the best– I was able to wean myself off coffee! This was huge for me! I went from drinking 6-7 cups a day to 1 maybe 2 and that’s really for the taste not the energy. I will continue to have this drink every morning to kick off my day.
  • Meal planning is essential! It’s a pain in the but but man is planning your meals before you go grocery shopping essential.
  • Meal prep actually saves you time in the long run– I always avoided meal prep because I thought it took up too much time but in reality it saved me a ton of time. Instead of running around in the mornings trying to throw together a lunch and snack I just pull it out of the fridge and go.
  • No more fruit at night. I used to always have fruit every night before bed, mangoes were my go to and it turns out the natural sugars would spike my glucose levels as much as a piece of candy. So I’ll be sure to reach for the veggies not the fruit when I need a midnight snack.

As for the program itself I LOVED how Alyssa & Claudia created a community. We had a Facebook group where we shared photos, asked questions and advice of both the experts and each other, and shared our wins during the month. We had weekly group video chats where we went in a circle discussing our different challenges and asked questions and I found that having this community really held me accountable and I was much better at sticking to my eating than if I had been trying this on my own.

While I see a small difference in my physique, I’m getting comments on social media and from my family saying I look thinner and toned. But best of all is that I FEEL great! I have a ton more energy and I feel better about myself. I want to continue to lose because I still have my awesome 2000’s “skinny” jeans from my college days that I would straight up rock if I can get into them!


No matter how I feel when I look at photos, the numbers don’t lie!

Weight- 8 pounds lost

Waist- 2.4″ lost

Hips- 1.5″ lost


Alyssa and Claudia have already kicked off their July challenge but I’m sure they’ll offer this again in August. In the meantime, they have a free download theBikini- Prep Guide available if you want to check it out.

And don’t think that because it’s called the Bikini Ready Challenge that it’s all about your physique because it’s not. It’s about feeling good in your skin and a lot of the women in this challenge agreed that we FELT so good during this challenge and in the end that’s all that matters. I’ll repeat my meme from week 2-

On a final note, Alyssa & Claudia are so funny and so positive. You can feel love and good vibes coming out of their posts and when you video chat. I highly recommend talking to them. Check out Alyssa’s website today.

Thank you so much Alyssa & Claudia for helping me finally clean up my nutrition! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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  1. Nice work!! I need to get motivated for food prep. I do cut up all my veggies after I buy them, that counts right.

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