Anyone that follows me on social media saw my funny beach pic over the weekend. We made plans with friends to take our kids hiking in Waterton but   it was raining. I was fine hiking in the rain but Ryan didn’t think cold, wet kids and a long hike were a good combo. Instead we decided to go to Wally’s beach at St. Mary’s Reservoir for a weiner roast in the camp kitchen.

When we came to the turn off to get to Wally’s beach the road was missing, it was completely covered in snow. We walked a ways along where the road was buried to see if we could 4×4 our way through but the snow was too deep and heavy.

Walking along the "road" to the beach
Walking along the “road” to the beach

We headed to Upper Mary Campground where there were some trucks from people ice fishing. The wind was howling and without a camp kitchen, we picked a spot that was most sheltered from the wind and started up a fire.

How cute is his smile?
How cute is his smile?

The kids and dogs went off to play on the ice and we adults sat back with our pina coladas.

Everyone (but me) roasted their weiners and ate hot dogs while the wind howled around us. If it wasn’t for the wind it would have been an amazing day. After we ate, we all went out on the ice to slide around and play.

By the two hour mark, the wind picked up so bad that even our sheltered spot no longer protected us so we called it a day.

It was still a blast and I think it’s so important for people in cold areas to make these efforts to get outside and brave the elements. We as human beings aren’t meant to spend 6 months indoors with no sunlight or fresh air. Bundle up and get outside!

See how the wind is blowing my hair back? Get outside no matter how bad the weather is!
See how the wind is blowing my hair back? Get outside no matter how bad the weather is!

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