I love the alliteration of my title! Ha ha! It’s not 100% accurate because I spent July 1st with the family but on July 2, Samara and I drove off for a canoeing adventure.

The evening of July 1st, Samara and I met at her parents house to see if her dad’s canoe would fit on my jeep. Her dad and Ryan got it up there and they both questioned if the two of us could do it on our own. Insulting! Of course we could- we are tough, outdoorsy ladies.

We set off early Sunday morning and when we saw the wind forecast as 10-20 km/hour we thought that was plenty calm enough to get on Waterton Lake. We launched in Emerald Bay and began to paddle out with plans to see how far we could go.

Well, not far! Ha ha! The 10-20 km/hour winds turned out to be very hard to paddle in and shortly into it, we noticed a large crack in the canoe. It wasn’t leaking, the outside seal was fine, but with every wake we bobbed on it would open up and then close again.

We got as far as the shore at the campground when we decided we would be better off packing it in and heading up to Cameron Lake where the waters would be calmer. We pulled ashore and I walked back to the car while Samara hung out with the canoe.

We went to load the canoe up on the Jeep but it is so heavy and bulky the wind was blowing so we were struggling to get it up there. Luckily, a couple men saw our plight and came and helped- so much for the independent ladies. Ha ha!

I was starving by now so a quick taco stop at the Taco Bar Waterton was a must. I am legit OBSESSED with their carnitas tacos. Mmm… now I want a taco at 8 am.

Off we went to Cameron Lake and the parking lot was crazy! People were circling around trying to find a parking spot. It felt like a crowded City Mall around the holidays. I don’t deal with crowds, so I inched up to the loading zone and we took the canoe down and I headed off in search of parking elsewhere.

I went down and parked at the trailhead to that one little lake and walked back to the parking lot.

Finally we were in the water and it was so much easier than on the choppy Waterton Lake. We glided quickly along and soon lost the crowds of people as we went further and further back.

The mountain at the back of the lake is so lush right now! There are multiple waterfalls, a bit of snow, and vibrant green vegetation.

Samara had said when she did Forum Peak she noticed a little pond at the back and we decided to dock on shore and take a peak.

Sure enough, there was a pond that didn’t look the best because it was full of dirty snow yet. I bet my end of August it’s a wonderful little pond.

It was a HOT day and Samara and I opted to swim. You would think a mountain lake like Cameron Lake would be freezing but it was actually very warm!

We waded our way out to this one rock which I called the mermaid rock. We even took mermaid pictures. Ha ha!

Next stop was the large snow pack nearby. When we got to it we couldn’t believe how big it was but we opted to stay away because it was cracked and looked like it could break off at anytime.

After this we mosey-ed along the shoreline back to the dock.

When it came time to load the canoe we once more needed a hand (darn it) it we strapped it down real good and Samara’s dad even called to check on us because he didn’t think we could do it. Ha ha!

It was an incredible way to spend the day but I will offer the advice of getting there EARLY to secure a parking spot. We left around 3:30 and the parking situation was even worse than when we got there!

What did you do for Canada Day weekend? Or 4th of July if you’re American?

3 thoughts on “Canoeing on Cameron Lake for Canada 150

  1. Congrats on celebrating Canada’s 150th in a very Canadian canoe! You should be in a Roots commercial. That’s also great you made it through what must have been an unnerving experience with a large crack in the canoe. Waterton Lakes is such a beautiful area. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

    1. Thanks for the comment Ken! That crack was definitely nerve wracking so I’m glad the seal held out!

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