This fall has been exquisite, probably the best fall since I moved here twelve years ago! My garden grew up until the first week of October and the fall hiking has been amazing. I was super lucky to get out and explore Haig Ridge in my search for larches, but last weekend I caught the last of them at Upper Rowe Lake.

Length- 8.3 miles total (Out & back)

Elevation gain– 2221 ft.

Hayley and I set off on a warm but windy day toward Upper Rowe Lake. We had done this hike last year with the girls so we knew what to expect in term of elevation gain, scenery, and the time it would take. After the initial hike through the burned out trees, you come onto an open field and enter into trees that survived the Kenow Fire.

We took our time walking through the trees, stopping for photos often. We came up to the cool stream with it’s mossy rocks and fallen logs. It’s a great place to take kids if you want a water play stop.

Before we knew it we were at Rowe Meadow and we knew from the last time that we had a short but steep climb ahead of us. I sat and snacked to give myself energy to get up the switchback to the meadow.

As we trekked up, the wind would blast and yellow needles would blow across the trail. When we got to the top, you could tell that the larches were almost done. The yellow colour was faded and the trees were looking pretty bare.

We found a couple fluffy trees that were more sheltered from the wind.

Once at the lake, Hayley the brave (or crazy) did her thing with a cold plunge! I remember taking a dip in that lake last year on a much warmer day and I froze immediately! I don’t know how she does it.

We didn’t stay long as the wind was blasting and we wanted to be home early. It was about 11:30 a.m. when we started down and we came upon SO MANY hikers! We definitely beat the crowds leaving at 8:30 am.

Overall it was another perfect day of fall hiking!

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