Mud & Sweat Race Recap

Things are CRAZY with the heavy rains meaning no time to work out or blog! But here is my race recap of the Mud & […]


Secrets of My Fit Mom

I owe my healthy lifestyle to my mom. When I was in high school I was a bit chubby and she taught me how to […]


Fit Tip- Don’t Eat at Lunch!

When I say don’t eat at lunch, I’m not advocating starving yourself, you should utilize that hour for activity versus eating! Many of us work […]


My Fitness History

I’m always curious how people started their fit lives and I figured it was time I shared mine! I grew up extremely active. I was […]

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2013- Year End Review

Welcome to my year end review. I remember my year end review for 2012 was insane and filled with adventures! So let’s review 2013. I […]