Spring Day at Writing on Stone

It’s becoming tradition to spend at least one day during the spring playing amongst the hoo doos at Writing on Stone Provincial Park. In the […]


Family Fun in Utah

I can’t say it enough- I love Utah! Where else can you get a city ticked into the mountains that has a plethora of family […]


Snowshoeing Over an Avalanche

Have you ever had an outdoor adventure and found out later that the avalanche area you walked over occurred in the last 12 hours or […]


Solo Camping Recap

After a summer of solo travelling with the kids I told my husband I wanted to take Labour Day Weekend to myself. Two full days […]


Crypt Lake Hike Recap

Crypt Lake is one of Canada’s premier hikes. There aren’t many day hikes that consist of a boat ride, shuffling through a cave, scaling a […]